Black Marrow
Black Marrow maleBlack Marrow female
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Black Marrow egg
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Release Date October 31, 2010
Elemental Affinity Death
Morphology Western Dragons
Base Rarity Rare (Holiday)
BSA None
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Habitat No Habitat
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Color Black, maroon, white
Nicknames Marrow
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Black Marrows, or Halloween 2010 Dragons, were the Holiday species given out during Halloween of 2010. Unlike dragons of other holidays, Halloween dragons can be either male or female and do not have a scroll limit set for them. They are only capable of producing more Black Marrow eggs during a certain period when Halloween is celebrated in October. They can still be bred to all year round, producing their partner's breed of egg.

The lack of a scroll limit for Halloween dragons was explained during one year's event by TJ09: "In the words of the pumpkin dragon's creator, Christmas and Valentine's Day are about giving, but Halloween is about grabbing as much candy for yourself as you can".

Due to the large amount of traffic generated by this release, "The Lagmonster" struck DC. Many users stated during the release that, because of the lag, they didn't even stand a chance to catch an egg. Because of this and the lag, TJ09 for the first time added a second row of eggs on the site during the release. There was also a glitch which affected this species in which at least six adult dragons had no gender- this was fixed by replacing all the affected Marrows with gender-specific adults.

Under the old Breed sort, these dragons sorted as "Halloween 2010 Dragon" on a user's scroll. As of August 14, 2016, they now sort using their Encyclopedia name.

Official Dragon DescriptionsEdit


"This egg is covered in a dark crust."


"This hatchling could hardly be considered cute."

Mature HatchlingEdit

"This hatchling could hardly be considered cute.
Look it has grown wings! At least it isn't quite as naked-looking anymore."


"Black Marrows are named for their dark colored hides which are encased in a distinct exoskeleton. Their skull and the top edges of their spine push out from under the skin as they age. As such, their young need excessive amounts of calcium for this armor to develop. The older a Black Marrow dragon is, the more skeletal their appearance. They often use their skeletal looks to lure in foolish scavengers or terrify predators. These vicious dragons love nothing more than to crack open bones with their stony beaks and eat the marrow inside. Voracious scavengers, Black Marrows will swarm and devour corpses both old and fresh, sometimes even dragging larger finds to the water to allow them to "ripen". Despite their dreadful demeanour and often horrid stench, Black Marrows are devoted mates and parents."

Sprite Artist(s)Edit


Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult

Black Marrow egg Black Marrow hatchi Black Marrow mature hatchi Black Marrow female

Black Marrow male

Sprites No Longer In-UseEdit

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Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Temporary Holiday Sprites

- - - Black Marrow female Christmas 2011

Black Marrow male Christmas 2011
Old Sprites
Old Female

- - - Old Black Marrow female

Egg SequenceEdit

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Black Marrow egg Black Marrow crack 1 Black Marrow crack 2 Black Marrow crack 3 Black Marrow crack 4 Black Marrow crack 5 Black Marrow dead egg

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

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There are no notes available for this breed. Check back later; new information will be added periodically.

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