CaveCast was a small podcast or radio show hosted by Dragon Cave artists and forum moderators, posted to Youtube. Participants answer various questions about the site, personal likes and dislikes, and interesting facts about the dragons.

The project was started by Dis in August of 2010, and they posted videos every Monday. The videos could be found on their Youtube channel.

The Youtube channel seems to have been hacked, sold or gifted as of 2017, as all the prior videos have been deleted and new unrelated videos have been uploaded.

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In the "Did you know...?" episodes Dis and the CaveCast-Family reveal high classified and TOP SECRET information, about themself, the forum, the cave, Area 51 and the dragons.

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The Aerie TalesEdit

In "The Aerie Tales" episodes TheAntimonyElement becomes the "Storyteller" and reads some fantastic legends.

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A funny collection of bloopers which Dis and the CaveCast-Family wanted to share.

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