Cavern Lurker Dragon
Cavern Lurker maleCavern Lurker female
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Cavern Lurker egg
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Release Date November 3, 2012
(delayed release)
Elemental Affinity Dark
Morphology Western Dragons
Base Rarity Rare (Holiday)
BSA None
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Habitat No Habitat
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Color Dark purple, orange
Nicknames Lurker
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Cavern Lurker Dragons, or Halloween 2012 Dragons, were the Holiday species given out for Halloween of 2012 at the start of November. Unlike dragons of other holidays, Halloween dragons can be either male or female and do not have a scroll limit set for them. They are only capable of producing more Cavern Lurker eggs during a certain period when Halloween is celebrated in October. They can still be bred to all year round, producing their partner's breed of egg.

The lack of a scroll limit for Halloween dragons was explained during one year's event by TJ09: "In the words of the pumpkin dragon's creator, Christmas and Valentine's Day are about giving, but Halloween is about grabbing as much candy for yourself as you can".

The 2012 Halloween drop was pushed back to 3rd of November because of Hurricane Sandy severely affecting the east coast of North America, and was done so to give players in the region a chance to still catch these eggs. As a reminder of the postponed Halloween drop (normally 31st of Oct), TJ09 gave his dragons the codes "Hurcn", "Sandy" and "Delay", which spell out: "Hurricane Sandy Delay".

Under the old Breed sort, these dragons sorted as "Halloween 2012 Dragon" on a user's scroll. As of August 14, 2016, they now sort using their Encyclopedia name.

Official Dragon DescriptionsEdit


"This egg is wedged in a dark corner."


"Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It hides in dark spaces and lunges at anything that gets too close. Small piles of bones are accumulating outside of its “lairs”..."

Mature HatchlingEdit

"Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It hides in dark spaces and lunges at anything that gets too close. Small piles of bones are accumulating outside of its “lairs”...
And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing."


"Cavern Lurker dragons are nocturnal ambush predators. Although small, they are very aggressive and will attack anything weak enough to be overpowered. Their preferred method of hunting is to lie in wait in a cave, burrow, or other small, enclosed space; when any potential prey passes they will lunge out to grab hold of the unsuspecting victim and drag it back into the lair. Cavern Lurkers have an odd aversion to sunlight and almost never venture out during the day. More commonly sighted are the odd piles of bones they stack near the entrance to their dens. Their mating call is a low-pitched bumping noise."

Sprite Artist(s)Edit


Series Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult

Cavern Lurker egg Cavern Lurker hatchi Cavern Lurker mature hatchi Cavern Lurker female

Cavern Lurker male
Spriter's Alt
JOTB's Alt

- - - Spriter's Alt Cavern Lurker female
JOTB's Alt

Spriter's Alt Cavern Lurker male

Egg SequenceEdit

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Cavern Lurker egg Cavern Lurker crack 1 Cavern Lurker crack 2 Cavern Lurker crack 3 Cavern Lurker crack 4 Cavern Lurker crack 5 Cavern Lurker dead egg

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

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There are no notes available for this breed. Check back later; new information will be added periodically.

Additional InformationEdit

They're based off the idea of the boogeyman, things that go bump in the night, monsters in your closet, etc. Adults get to be about the size of a small horse, so unfortunately they're a bit too big to fit under your bed. They're usually foul-tempered and often have bad breath.

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