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On this page, information will be stored on newly-released dragons that have incomplete data. Information can be compiled here so that it can be retrieved at a later stage to be separated into its rightful articles.


All newly released dragon information is to be compiled on this article and this article only.

Do Not

  • Add the dragon(s) to any page apart from this one.
  • Create the dragon(s) article (before the dragons of TJ09 or users grow up).
  • Add information if it has not been seen in the cave yet.

Do not add the spriter's alts of a dragon. (The DC-Wiki team will ask the artist(s) for permission to upload them).

These rules apply while the dragon is being released, till the moment when the dragons of users start to become adults. After that the dragons' article can be created.

Failing to comply with these rules will result in a warning or even a suspension (one week suspension for creating the dragons article before the dragons have grown up).
The DC-Wiki Team

Staff messages

  • Remember, adding information not yet seen in the cave is NOT allowed. We know you know it, we know half of it as well. But please, don't add it until it has been found in the cave.
  • If you add interesting information from speculations made on the forums, please be sure to mark this information with Rumour unless it is absolutely a proven fact. See the current facts/rumors under each breed for examples.
    Information marked Fact has been so widely proven that may be accepted as true. Information marked Rumor is rumor. Currently, there is no way to prove this information true or false, and though much of it seems like it will be true, do not accept it as true information. This especially means that you should not present this information to people in the forums as hard fact.
  • Holiday Release
    If one of the holiday artists keeps their scroll hidden, respect that fact! The DC-Wiki team will contact and ask them if they would be willing to share the images of their spriter's alt. Don't post links to the spriter's alt, because it might result in them getting sick.

Currently Being Released

August Release


Release Banner

The August release has started today (August 02, 2014)! There is one new egg to catch.

You can find them in the following biomes:

TJ stated:

This month marks the end of consistent beginning-of-the-month releases. While knowing when to look is nice, it also seems to have become a bit stale. Future releases will (very likely) still be on weekends, but may be scattered throughout the month.


Undine Dragon

Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Female (Green) Undine egg Undine hatchi Undine female hatchi Undine female
Male (Green) Undine male hatchi Undine male
Female (Yellow) Undine egg Alt Undine hatchi Alt Undine female hatchi Alt Undine female
Male (Yellow) Alt Undine male hatchi Alt Undine male
Description "There is a thin layer of moisture coating this egg." "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. Water behaves strangely around it, though the hatchling doesn’t seem to notice." "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. Water behaves strangely around it, though the hatchling doesn’t seem to notice.
And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing."
"Undine Dragons are named for the water spirits with which they share territory. They have close relationships with these spirits, and are able to communicate with them. In exchange for protection and respect of their mutual freshwater homes, laid eggs are often protected by a blessing. This blessing stays with the dragon into adulthood, and with it they gain potent magical abilities. Sometimes when an Undine Dragon becomes very upset, the ground at their feet may frost over or begin to steam. They have also been observed to manipulate water directly, rerouting raindrops or creating puddles from groundwater. Undine Dragons always live near forest pools, streams, or waterfalls. Both genders take equal part in the raising of young and are very good parents—though they may not remain mated after the offspring are grown."
Artist N/A Little Art Girl, Shiny Hazard Sign Little Art GirlShiny Hazard Sign Little Art GirlShiny Hazard Sign, Wookienmashoo

Egg Sequence

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Undine egg Undine crack 1 Undine crack 2 Undine crack 3 Undine crack 4 Undine crack 5 Undine dead egg


  • Sorts between Ultraviolets and Valentines on scrolls.
  • TJ's release post mentioned (and contained) eight eggs.
  • Has at least one alt.
  • Has Dimorphism.
  • Alts are not influenced by biome.


  • May have different forms/alts.
  • May have (at least) 2 alts with dimorphism.
  • May have more alts through breeding.

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