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Currently Being Released

Halloween 2018

Halloween event 2018

General Event Credits

Organizers: Unknown
Scroll Badges: Unknown
Event Icon: Unknown
Event Banner: Unknown
Event Divider/Border Image: Unknown
Halloween Release Banner: Unknown

Event Divider Image
ToT border 2018
Users Spriter Organizer
Halloween 2018 trophy

? ?

Tricks and Treats

Every five to fifteen minutes, a special trick or treat will appear on the next page. When clicked, a little pumpkin bucket will appear at the top of your scroll (if you didn't have one already from previous year's events), and you can click on it to see the tricks and treats you have collected. See here for more information.

If the pumpkin bucket was obtained in one of the previous Trick or Treat events, the new tricks and treats are placed in there together with the ones from previous years, separated by a spooky border with the newly caught sprites beneath it. If members couldn't participate in the event from previous years, they have the chance to get a pumpkin bucket badge by joining the new Trick or Treat event in 2016. Hovering your cursor over the badge gives a message saying "2010 Trick-or-Treat"; this is the standard message for everyone's badge regardless of the year obtained, as the site recycles 2010's pumpkin badge for each new year's event.

This year there are 49 tricks and treats to be collected in total:

As they appear in the pumpkin bucket

Artist Credits for Tricks and Treats

Artist Treat Artist Treat
Artist Treat(s) Artist Treat(s)
Artist Treat(s) Artist Treat(s)

Halloween Haunted Forest

Halloween 2018 icon
Halloween Haunted Forest
It’s Halloween—and your routine trip through the nearby forest is about to get spooky...

This year's event is a choose-your-own-story narrative, allowing players to make a choice as part of a story and seeing the kinds of effects this has.

Event Introduction

You stand at the entrance to Crestback Forest, pumpkin-shaped bag in one hand and lantern in the other. It’s Halloween and your small house on the edge of the forest is too far from your neighbors for any meaningful candy gathering. To maximize your sugar-to-time ratio you have to travel to the city, which means going through the woods next to your house. It’s a trail you take several times a year and know well enough, though you usually go during the day. Even so, something seems a little odd about the woods tonight. It’s dusk, but there are usually still birds calling, and the insects aren’t chirping as loudly as most nights. There’s a bite in the wind that you don’t remember being there the night before.

You shake off your nervousness. You’re just letting the darkness unsettle you. Of course it’s colder than usual; it’s autumn. It must just be too cold for the forest creatures and they settled down early. You aren’t scared. Not even a little. You picture the lights and narrow, winding streets of the city and square your feet. It’s candy time.

Before you the path snakes under the trees, heading south. Behind you your small wooden house sits on the side of a hill, windows dark.

  • Enter the forest
  • Go home

Click here to view the full guide - credit to Shokomon for providing this!


Sprites Artist(s)
File Spriter
File Spriter


  • Initially the players were only able to go through the adventure once but this was changed later on.
  • There is a total of 24 items to be collected during the story.

New Halloween Dragon 2018

Halloween 2018 release

Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling
Female - Male
Female - Male
Sprites Halloween 2018 egg Hallo 18 hatchi Halloween 2018 mature hatchi WZj2 M9k4
Description "This egg has reflective spots that remind you of gems, or eyes." "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It’s very alert, and likes to watch what you’re doing." "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It’s very alert, and likes to watch what you’re doing. And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing." "Arcana Dragons are a rarely-encountered breed of dragon known for both their magical abilities, and their quirky, hardworking nature. These dragons have specialized organs for storing mana, and can produce varying effects from these reserves simply through instinct. However, they are also very intelligent dragons, and when raised around mages, or others of their own kind, almost invariably become obsessed with the study of magic. Arcanae are diligent in their efforts to discover as many uses for magic as possible, and while they will openly treat others to the fruits of their labor—especially others who share their interests—they will also use their knowledge and abilities to trick any creature that thinks it can take advantage of them."
Artist(s) TheCompleteAnimorph TheCompleteAnimorph TheCompleteAnimorph NiramiTheRaven196, TheCompleteAnimorph


  • This dragon sorts between Arias and Antareans.
  • This dragon has gender dimorphism.

Egg Sequence

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Halloween 2018 egg Halloween 2018 crack 1 Halloween 2018 crack 2 Halloween 2018 crack 3 Halloween 2018 crack 4 Hallo 18 crack 4

Additional Information

  • TJ09 secured 3 eggs with the following codes: "takea", "llthe" and "SPUDS".

Holiday Breeding & Re-Releases

Previous Halloween dragons are able to breed and produce Halloween eggs. Go to the Abandoned Page to catch some of the former Halloween eggs. The breeding period will start on October 25th and last for a week to November 1st.

Previous year's Halloween dragons are now available to be caught as Cave-Born eggs from their own unique biome. There are no scroll limits, however this biome will disappear at the end of the event. On the dragon's View page, their biome is listed as "Cave".


Recent Releases

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