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On this page, information will be stored on newly-released dragons that have incomplete data. Information can be compiled here so that it can be retrieved at a later stage to be separated into its rightful articles.


All newly released dragon information is to be compiled on this article and this article only.

Do Not

  • Add the dragon(s) to any page apart from this one.
  • Create the dragon(s) article (before the dragons of TJ09 or users grow up).
  • Add information if it has not been seen in the cave yet.
  • Do not add the spriter's alts of a dragon. (The DC-Wiki team will ask the artist(s) for permission to upload them).

These rules apply while the dragon is being released, till the moment when the dragons of users start to become adults. After that the dragons' article can be created.

Failing to comply with these rules will result in a warning or even a suspension (one week suspension for creating the dragons article before the dragons have grown up).
The DC-Wiki Team

Staff messages

  • Remember, adding information not yet seen in the cave is NOT allowed. We know you know it, we know half of it as well. But please, don't add it until it has been found in the cave.
  • If you add interesting information from speculations made on the forums, please be sure to mark this information with Rumor unless it is absolutely a proven fact. See the current facts/rumors under each breed for examples.
    Information marked Fact has been so widely proven that may be accepted as true. Information marked Rumor is rumor. Currently, there is no way to prove this information true or false, and though much of it seems like it will be true, do not accept it as true information. This especially means that you should not present this information to people in the forums as hard fact.
  • Holiday Release
    If one of the holiday artists keeps their scroll hidden, respect that fact! The DC-Wiki team will contact and ask them if they would be willing to share the images of their spriter's alt. Don't post links to the spriter's alt, because it might result in them getting sick.

Currently Being Released

Halloween 2014

It's Halloween time! Explore the traveling carnival, participate in the "Trick or Treat" event, breed your Halloween dragons, catch halloween event dragons of previous years and celebrate Halloween with the release of a new Halloween event dragon.

New Halloween Dragon

Do not upload/add any screenshots and information of the accidently added Encyclopedia entry of the
new Halloween dragon!

(Encyclopedia entry on DC got removed)

The new Halloween event dragon is here! There is no scroll limit for these dragons.

Desipis Dragon

Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling
f / m
f / m
Sprites Desipis egg Desipis hatchling Desipis female hatchlingDesipis male hatchling Desipis femaleDesipis male
Spriter's Alt
spriter alts
Desipis egg Desipis Birdzgoboom alt hatchling Desipis Birdzgoboom alt female hatchling Desipis Birdzgoboom alt male hatchling Desipis Birdzgoboom alt female Desipis Birdzgoboom alt male
spriter alts
Desipis PieMaster alt hatchling Desipis PieMaster alt female hatchling Desipis PieMaster alt male hatchling Desipis PieMaster alt female Desipis PieMaster alt male
Description "Being near this egg makes it hard to think clearly." "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. You have trouble focusing when it gets angry." "Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. You have trouble focusing when it gets angry.
And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing."
"Desipis Dragons are an extremely dangerous breed, synonymous with the paths of desolation they leave in their wakes. These gargantuan beasts are infamous for their innate ability to control and manipulate the minds of others, which they use to pulverize the sanities of their foes and forge false memories. This power is especially effective on the foolish, and only the strongest-willed individuals have been known to resist a Desipis’s cunning. Most who anger Desipises do not live to tell the tale. Desipis Dragons are especially feared for their uncanny power of absorbing the magic of others with the fire they breathe and converting it into the bright reserves of crystallized mana that decorate their bodies."
Artist N/A Birdzgoboom, PieMaster Birdzgoboom, PieMaster Birdzgoboom, PieMaster



Egg Sequence

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Desipis egg Desipis crack 1 Desipis crack 2 Desipis crack 3 Desipis crack 4 Desipis crack 5 Desipis dead egg

Additional Information

Right after TJ's dragons had grown up Birdzgoboom shared this information on the forums:

Desipis Concept

Breed Name: Desipis Dragon
Dragon Type: Western
Size: ~23 feet tall, ~45 feet long, ~35 foot wingspan (relies mostly on magic for flight)
Colors: Black, gray, bright orange, bone white
birdzgoboom’s Alts: Navy blue, black, mint green, and pale blue
PieMaster’s Alts: Greenish black, greenish gray, neon green, and pale yellow


Some Characteristics:
As shown on their sprites and concept art, their mouths extend into their necks to make it easier to consume large prey, and their tails have a similar function of splitting so that they can make themselves look larger and more intimidating. The bands of muscle connecting the top and bottom parts of their mouths are incredibly strong and thick, making them hard to puncture or sever.

Desipises are known to be quite temperamental, often unleashing their wrath in bursts of their magic-draining flames. This gives them more strength and helps replenish their mana reserves, which tends to calm them down, but can harm the environments where they live. For this reason, many dragons avoid areas inhabited by Desipises.

Desipis Dragons are rawrscary and are often found on the holidayofbooghostpumpkin (which is nowing).

Females tend to possess richer reserves of mana than males, providing them with more strength for performing spells and making their mental magic harder to resist. Their scales and bones are rich with their own dark mana, and they sap magic from others using their flames. This sapped mana is then processed and crystallized, creating the pure, bright crystals that develop on their tails and bodies. The amount of crystals can vary between each dragon because of this.

Their mind-breaking powers are unmatched and often fatal. However, because of their heavy reliance on magic for everything other than brute force, they are not fond of the Cassares or any other magic-deadening creatures and objects.

The name “Desipis” was chosen because of how foolish one would have to be to approach such a dangerous and twisted dragon, especially if it is untamed.

Much more info to come via the encyclopedia!


Traveling Carnival


Event Banner

The traveling carnival came back to Dragon Cave to celebrate Halloween with all the dragon tamers.

  • Traveling Carnival on DC - link is inactive now
    • Ends on 1. November
    • There are currently 24 items to collect.
    • You get a new badge after finishing the one of the four adventures.

Trick or Treat

The well-known Trick or Treat event also made a reappearance for this years Halloween. There are currently 43 items to collect.

On October 27, 6 more Tricks and Treats were added.


As they appear in the pumpkin bucket

Halloween Breeding

Previous Halloween dragons are able to breed and produce Halloween eggs. Go to the Abandoned Page to catch some of the former holiday eggs. The breeding period will end on November 1st.

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