Rarity is a term on the site referring to the relative abundance of a particular dragon breed. All dragons are loosely controlled by a base rarity variable which influences the breeding success and cave drop rate of the breed (where applicable). With some dragon breeds, rarity is separated according to the lineage, where specific lineage patterns may be uniquely classified. Alts and variants of dragons often differ in rarity in comparison to the typical appearance of a breed.

Due to changes in demand or increased breeding, rarities of dragons can occasionally spike or become quite erratic. During such spikes, apparently rare dragons may enter a period of abundance, or vice versa. Rarity can also be used to judge the likelihood of finding the breed in the AP.

Very CommonEdit




* 'Rarity' in these cases depend heavily on the perceived shortness and quality of the lineage

Very RareEdit

Extremely RareEdit

Holiday Dragons (only available at a certain time)Edit

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