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  • Rares can now breed with other rares.
  • Vampires may only reproduce using their breed specific action.
  • Drakes can only breed with other Drakes while Pygmies can only breed with other Pygmies or Pumpkin dragons and Two-Headed dragons can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons.
  • In total, the site has 212 different dragons and creatures in-cave; there are no longer any retired breeds.
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Common & Uncommon Dragons

Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Aeon Wyvern Aeon Wyvern egg Aeon Wyvern hatchi Aeon Wyvern mature hatchi Aeon Wyvern female Aeon Wyvern male Has "Precognition" BSA. Alpine,
Albino Albino egg Albino hatchi Albino mature hatchi Albino adult Alpine,
Almerald Almerald egg Almerald hatchi Almerald mature hatchi Almerald adult Alpine,
Anagallis Anagallis egg Anagallis hatchi Anagallis female hatchiAnagallis male hatchi Anagallis femaleAnagallis male Desert,
Antarean Antarean egg Antarean hatchi Antarean mature hatchi Antarean femaleAntarean male Desert
Aria Aria egg Aria hatchi Aria mature hatchi Aria femaleAria male Previously known as Bright Pink Dragons. Jungle
Azure Glacewing Azure Glacewing egg Azure Glacewing hatchi Azure Glacewing mature hatchi Azure Glacewing adult Forest
Baikala Baikala brown egg Baikala blue egg Baikala brown hatchi Baikala blue hatchi Baikala brown female hatchi Baikala brown male hatchi
Baikala blue female hatchi Baikala blue male hatchi
Baikala brown female Baikala brown male
Baikala blue female Baikala blue male
Has brown and blue variations. Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. Blue

Jungle, Forest

Balloon Balloon egg Balloon hatchi Balloon mature hatchi Balloon adult Alpine,
Bauta Bauta egg Bauta hatchi Bauta mature hatchi Bauta adult Coast
Black Black egg Black hatchi Black female hatchiBlack male hatchi Black femaleBlack male See also - Alt Black. All
Black Capped Teimarr Black Capped Teimarr egg Black Capped Teimarr hatchi Black Capped Teimarr female hatchiBlack Capped Teimarr male hatchi Black Capped Teimarr femaleBlack Capped Teimarr male Coast
Black Tea Black Tea egg Black Tea hatchi Black Tea mature hatchi Black Tea femaleBlack Tea male Desert
Black Truffle Black Truffle egg Black Truffle hatchi Black Truffle mature hatchi Black Truffle adult All
Blacktip Blacktip egg Blacktip hatchi Blacktip mature hatchi Blacktip adult Coast
Bleeding Moon Bleeding Moon egg Bleeding Moon hatchi Bleeding Moon mature hatchi Bleeding Moon FemaleBleeding Moon Male Alpine
Blue-Banded Blue-Banded egg Blue-Banded hatchi Blue-Banded mature hatchi Blue-Banded adult Alpine
Bolt Bolt egg Bolt hatchi Bolt mature hatchi Bolt adult Has Stun BSA. Alpine, Forest
Bright-Breasted Wyvern Bright-breasted Wyvern egg Bright-breasted Wyvern hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern female hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern male hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern femaleBright-breasted Wyvern male Jungle
Brimstone Brimstone egg Brimstone hatchi Brimstone mature hatchi Brimstone adult Desert,
Brute Brute egg Brute hatchi Brute female hatchiBrute male hatchi Brute femaleBrute male Alpine
Candelabra Candelabra egg Candelabra hatchi Candelabra mature hatchi Candelabra adult Coast, Jungle
Canopy Canopy egg Canopy hatchi Canopy mature hatchi Canopy femaleCanopy male Jungle
Carmine Wyvern Carmine Wyvern egg Carmine Wyvern hatchi Carmine Wyvern mature hatchi Carmine Wyvern adult Jungle
Cassare Cassare egg Cassare hatchi Cassare mature hatchi Cassare adult All
Celestial egg Celestial hatchi ethereal Celestial mature hatchi ethereal Celestial female ethereal Celestial male ethereal Has Corporealize BSA. All
Coastal Waverunner Coastal Waverunner egg Coastal Waverunner hatchi Coastal Waverunner mature hatchi Coastal Waverunner adult Coast
Crimson Flare Pygmy Crimson Flare Pygmy egg Crimson Flare Pygmy hatchi Crimson Flare Pygmy mature hatchi Crimson Flare Pygmy adult Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. Jungle,
Dark Green Dark Green egg Dark Green hatchi Dark Green mature hatchi Dark Green adult See also - Alt Dark Green. Forest,
Dark Lumina Dark Lumina egg Dark Lumina hatchi Dark Lumina mature hatchi Dark Lumina female Dark Lumina male See also - Lumina Dragon. All
Dark Myst Pygmy Dark Myst Pygmy egg Dark Myst Pygmy hatchi Dark Myst Pygmy female hatchiDark Myst Pygmy male hatchi

Dark Myst Pygmy femaleDark Myst Pygmy male

Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. Forest,
Day Glory Drake Glory Drake egg Day Glory Drake hatchi Day Glory Drake mature hatchi Day Glory Drake adult Different dragons hatch based on the time the egg was laid: See Night Glory Drake. Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Forest
Daydream Daydream egg Daydream hatchi Daydream mature hatchi Daydream femaleDaydream male Coast,
Deep Sea Deep Sea egg Deep Sea hatchi Deep Sea mature hatchi Deep Sea adult Coast
Diamondwing Diamondwing egg Diamondwing hatchi Diamondwing mature hatchi Diamondwing adult Alpine, Volcano
Dorsal Purple Dorsal egg Red Dorsal egg Purple Dorsal hatchi Red Dorsal hatchi Purple Dorsal mature hatchi Red Dorsal mature hatchi Purple Dorsal adultRed Dorsal adult Has purple and red variations. Jungle
Duotone Duotone egg Duotone hatchi Duotone female hatchi Duotone male hatchi Duotone femaleDuotone male Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. All
Electric Electric egg Electric hatchi Electric mature hatchi Electric femaleElectric male Alpine
Ember Ember egg Ember hatchi Ember mature hatchi Ember femaleEmber male Volcano
Falconiform Wyvern Falconiform Wyvern egg Falconiform Wyvern hatchi Falconiform Wyvern female hatchi Falconiform Wyvern male hatchi Falconiform Wyvern female Falconiform Wyvern male Volcano
Fell Fell egg Fell hatchi Fell female hatchi Fell male hatchi Fell female Fell male All
Fever Wyvern Fever Wyvern egg Fever Wyvern hatchi Fever Wyvern mature hatchi Fever Wyvern adult Jungle
Fire Gem Dragon
(Blue variant)
Fire Gem blue egg Fire Gem blue hatchi Fire Gem blue female hatchi Fire Gem blue male hatchi Fire Gem blue female Fire Gem blue male Has 3 different color variations. Volcano
Flamingo Wyvern Flamingo egg Flamingo hatchi Flamingo female hatchi Flamingo male hatchi Flamingo female Flamingo male Coast,
Floret Wyvern
(Purple variant)
Floret Wyvern egg purple Floret Wyvern hatchi purple Floret Wyvern mature hatchi purple Floret Wyvern female purple Floret Wyvern male purple Alpine,
Freckled Dragon Freckled egg Freckled hatchi Freckled mature hatchi Freckled adult Desert,
Frilled Frilled egg Frilled hatchi Frilled female hatchiFrilled male hatchi Frilled femaleFrilled male Jungle
Frostbite Frostbite egg Frostbite hatchi Frostbite mature hatchi Frostbite adult Alpine
(Blue variant)
Gemshard egg Gemshard blue hatchling Gemshard blue mature hatchling Gemshard blue femaleGemshard blue male Has a chance of hatching as a blue, red or green variant. Jungle
Gilded Bloodscale Gilded Bloodscale egg Gilded Bloodscale hatchi Gilded Bloodscale female hatchiGilded Bloodscale male hatchi Gilded Bloodscale femaleGilded Bloodscale male Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. Volcano
Glaucus Drake Glaucus Drake egg Glaucus Drake hatchi Glaucus Drake mature hatchi Glaucus Drake femaleGlaucus Drake male Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Coast
Gold-horned Tangar Gold-horned Tangar egg Gold-horned Tangar hatchi Gold-horned Tangar mature hatchi Gold-horned Tangar femaleGold-horned Tangar male Jungle
Greater Spotted Drake Greater Spotted Drake egg Greater Spotted Drake hatchling Greater Spotted Drake mature hatchling Greater Spotted Drake adult Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Forest
Green Green egg Green hatchi Green mature hatchi Green adult Has "Earthquake" BSA. Forest,
Guardian Guardian egg Guardian hatchi Guardian mature hatchi Guardian adult Alpine,
Harvest Harvest egg Harvest hatchi Harvest female hatchi Harvest male hatchi Harvest femaleHarvest male Alpine, Forest
Hellfire Wyvern Hellfire Wyvern egg Hellfire Wyvern hatchi Hellfire Wyvern female hatchi Hellfire Wyvern male hatchi Hellfire Wyvern FemaleHellfire Wyvern Male Jungle,
Honey Drake Honey Drake egg Honey Drake hatchi Honey Drake female hatchi Honey Drake male hatchi Honey Drake female Honey Drake male Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Coast,
Hooktalon Hooktalon egg Hooktalon hatchling Hooktalon mature hatchling Hooktalon femaleHooktalon male Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. Desert
Horse Horse egg Horse hatchi Horse mature hatchi Horse female Horse male Jungle
Howler Drake Howler Drake egg Howler Drake hatchi Howler Drake mature hatchi Howler Drake femaleHowler Drake male Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Jungle
Imperial Fleshcrowne Imperial Fleshcrowne egg Imperial Fleshcrowne hatchi Imperial Fleshcrowne mature hatchi Imperial Fleshcrowne femaleImperial Fleshcrowne male All
Khusa Khusa egg Khusa hatchi Khusa mature hatchi Khusa adult Alpine, Desert
Kingcrowne Kingcrowne egg Kingcrowne hatchi Kingcrowne mature hatchi Kingcrowne adult All
Kyanite Pygmy Kyanite Pygmy egg Kyanite Pygmy hatchi Kyanite Pygmy mature hatchi Kyanite Pygmy adult Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. All
Lacula Lacula egg Lacula hatchi Lacula mature hatchi Lacula adult Coast
Leodon Leodon egg Leodon hatchi Leodon mature hatchi Leodon adult Volcano
Lumina Lumina egg Lumina hatchi Lumina mature hatchi Lumina femaleLumina male Changes color for 24 hours when bred with certain breeds. All
Lunar Herald
Gold Variant
Lunar Heralds gold egg Lunar Heralds gold hatchi Lunar Heralds gold mature hatchi Lunar Heralds gold adult Has 4 different colors based on moon phase combinations. Alpine
Magelight Pygmy Magelight Pygmy Wyvern egg Magelight Pygmy Wyvern hatchling Magelight Pygmy Wyvern mature hatchling Magelight Pygmy Wyvern femaleMagelight Pygmy Wyvern male Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. Alpine
Magi Magi egg Magi hatchi Magi mature hatchi Magi adult Has "Teleport" BSA. All
Melismor Melismor egg Melismor hatchi Melismor mature hatchi Melismor female Melismor male Forest
Mint Mint egg Mint hatchi Mint mature hatchi Mint adult Alpine, Coast, Forest, Jungle, Volcano
Misfit Pygmy Misfit Pygmy egg Misfit Pygmy hatchi Misfit Pygmy mature hatchi Misfit Pygmy femaleMisfit Pygmy male Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. Jungle, Volcano
Monarch Monarch egg Monarch hatchi Monarch female hatchi Monarch male hatchi Monarch femaleMonarch male Desert, Forest, Jungle
Moonstone Moonstone egg Moonstone hatchi Moonstone female hatchi Moonstone male hatchi Moonstone femaleMoonstone male Desert
Morphodrake Morphodrake egg Morphodrake hatchi Morphodrake mature hatchi Morphodrake adult Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Jungle
Nebula Nebula egg Nebula hatchi Nebula blue female hatchiNebula purple male hatchiNebula red female hatchiNebula green male hatchi Nebula blue femaleNebula purple maleNebula red femaleNebula green male Each gender has two different variations. Alpine,
Neotropical Neotropical egg Neotropical hatchi Neotropical mature hatchi Neotropical femaleNeotropical male Jungle
Nexus Nexus egg Nexus hatchi Nexus female hatchiNexus male hatchi Nexus femaleNexus male Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. Alpine, Volcano
Nhiostrife Wyvern Nhiostrife Wyvern egg Nhiostrife Wyvern hatchi Nhiostrife Wyvern mature hatchi Nhiostrife Wyvern adult Alpine
Night Glory Drake Glory Drake egg Night Glory Drake hatchi Night Glory Drake mature hatchi Night Glory Drake adult Different dragons hatch based on the time the egg was laid: See Day Glory. Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Forest
Nilia Pygmy Nilia Pygmy egg Nilia Pygmy hatchi Nilia Pygmy mature hatchi Nilia Pygmy female Nilia Pygmy male Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. Alpine,
(Day / Night)
Nocturne egg Nocturne hatchi day form Nocturne hatchi night form Nocturne matured hatchi day form Nocturne mature hatchie night form Nocturne adult day formNocturne female night formNocturne male night form Has day and night forms that change every 12 hours.
Night form sprites have dismorphism (Male at the bottom, female in the middle).
Alpine, Forest
Ochredrake Ochredrake egg Ochredrake hatchi Ochredrake mature hatchi Ochredrake adult Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Forest
Olive Olive egg Olive hatchi Olive mature hatchi Olive female Olive male Forest
Pillow Pillow egg Pillow hatchi Pillow female hatchi Pillow male hatchi Pillow femalePillow male Alpine
Pink Pink egg Pink hatchi

Pink female hatchiPink male hatchi

Pink femalePink male Has "Influence" BSA. All
Plated Colossus Plated Colossus egg Plated Colossus hatchling Plated Colossus female hatchlingPlated Colossus male hatchling Plated Colossus femalePlated Colossus male Forest, Jungle
Purple Purple egg Purple hatchi Purple female hatchiPurple male hatchi Purple femalePurple male Has "Fertility" BSA. All
Common Pygmy Pygmy egg Pygmy hatchi Pygmy female hatchiPygmy male hatchi

Pygmy femalePygmy male

Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. Alpine,
Pyralspite Pyrope egg Pyralspite Pyrope hatchling Pyralspite Pyrope mature hatchling Pyralspite Pyrope adult Volcano
Pyrovar Pyrovar egg Pyrovar hatchi Pyrovar mature hatchi Pyrovar adult Volcano
Razorcrest Wyvern Razorcrest Wyvern egg Razorcrest Wyvern hatchi Razorcrest Wyvern mature hatchi Razorcrest Wyvern adult Alpine
Red Red egg Red hatchi Red mature hatchi Red adult Has "Incubate" BSA. Desert, Volcano
Red-finned Tidal Red-finned Tidal egg Red-finned Tidal hatchi Red-finned Tidal female hatchi Red-finned Tidal male hatchi Red-finned Tidal femaleRed-finned Tidal male Coast
Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy Red-Tailed Wyrm egg Red-Tailed Wyrm hatchi Red-Tailed Wyrm mature hatchi Red-Tailed Wyrm adult Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. Desert,
Ridgewing Purple Ridgewing egg Tan Ridgewing egg Purple Ridgewing hatchi Tan Ridgewing hatchi Purple Ridgewing female hatchi Purple Ridgewing male hatchi
Tan Ridgewing female hatchi Tan Ridgewing male hatchi
Purple Ridgewing femalePurple Ridgewing maleTan Ridgewing femaleTan Ridgewing male Has blue and tan variations. Alpine
Royal Blue Royal Blue egg Royal Blue hatchi Royal Blue female hatchiRoyal Blue male hatchie Royal Blue femaleRoyal Blue male Alpine
Royal Crimson Royal Crimson egg Royal Crimson hatchi Royal Crimson mature hatchi Royal Crimson adult Volcano
Sapphire Sapphire egg Sapphire hatchi Sapphire mature hatchi Sapphire adult All
Scimitar-wing Wyvern Scimitar-wing Wyvern egg Scimitar-wing Wyvern hatchi Scimitar-wing Wyvern mature hatchi Scimitar-wing Wyvern female Scimitar-wing Wyvern male Desert, Volcano
Script Script egg Script hatchi Script mature hatchi Script adult Volcano
Spring egg Spring hatchi Spring female hatchiSpring male hatchi Spring femaleSpring male Dragon type depends on season. Forest
Summer egg Summer hatchi Summer female hatchiSummer male hatchi Summer femaleSummer male Dragon type depends on season. Forest
Autumn egg Autumn hatchi Autumn female hatchiAutumn male hatchi Autumn femaleAutumn male Dragon type depends on season. Forest
Winter egg Winter hatchi Winter female hatchiWinter male hatchi Winter femaleWinter male Dragon type depends on season. Alpine
Seawyrm Pygmy Seawyrm Pygmy egg Seawyrm Pygmy hatchi Seawyrm Pygmy mature hatchi Seawyrm Pygmy femaleSeawyrm Pygmy male Can only breed with other Pygmies and Pumpkins. Coast
Seragamma Wyvern Seragamma Wyvern egg Seragamma Wyvern hatchi Seragamma Wyvern female hatchiSeragamma Wyvern male hatchi Seragamma Wyvern femaleSeragamma Wyvern male Volcano
Sinii Krai Sinii Krai egg Sinii Krai hatchi Sinii Krai female hatchi Sinii Krai male hatchi Sinii Krai female Sinii Krai male Coast
Skywing Skywing egg Skywing hatchi Skywing mature hatchi Skywing adult Coast
Speckle-Throated Speckle-Throated egg Speckle-Throated hatchi

Speckle-Throated female hatchi Speckle-Throated male hatchi

Speckle-Throated femaleSpeckle-Throated male Alpine
Spinel Wyvern
(Violet Ver.)
Spinel Wyvern violet egg Spinel Wyvern violet hatchi Spinel Wyvern violet mature hatchi Spinel Wyvern violet femaleSpinel Wyvern violet male Has a breedable-only green variant. Desert,
Spirit Ward
(Day Form)
Spirit Ward egg Spirit Ward hatchling

Spirit Ward female hatchling (day) Spirit Ward male hatchling (day)

Spirit Ward female (day)Spirit Ward male (day) Has a progressional series of 4 glowing sprites that change during different times of the night. Alpine,
Spitfire Spitfire egg Spitfire hatchi Spitfire mature hatchi Spitfire adult Desert
Spotted Greenwing Spotted Greenwing egg Spotted Greenwing hatchi Spotted Greenwing mature hatchi Spotted Greenwing adult Forest
Stone Stone egg Stone hatchi Stone mature hatchi Stone adult Alpine,
Storm Storm egg Storm hatchi Storm mature hatchi Storm femaleStorm male All
(White variant)
White Striped egg White Striped hatchi White Striped mature hatchi White Striped femaleWhite Striped male Has white, black, blue, green, and red variations. Only white can be Cave Born; other colors are obtainable only through breeding. Forest, Jungle
Striped River Striped River egg Striped River hatchling Striped River mature hatchling Striped River adult Forest, Jungle
Sunrise Sunrise-Sunset egg Sunrise hatchi Sunrise mature hatchi Sunrise femaleSunrise male Different dragons hatch based on time of day; see Sunset Dragon. Cannot hatch outside specific time windows. Alpine
Sunset Sunrise-Sunset egg Sunset hatchi Sunset mature hatchi Sunset femaleSunset male Different dragons hatch based on time of day; see Sunrise Dragon. Cannot hatch outside specific time windows. Alpine
Sunsong Amphiptere Sunsong Amphiptere egg Sunsong Amphiptere hatchi Sunsong Amphiptere female hatchiSunsong Amphiptere male hatchi Sunsong Amphiptere femaleSunsong Amphiptere male Alpine,
Sunstone Sunstone egg Sunstone hatchi Sunstone mature hatchi Sunstone adult Desert
Swallowtail Swallowtail egg Swallowtail hatchi

Swallowtail female hatchi Swallowtail male hatchi

Swallowtail femaleSwallowtail male Forest
Tarantula Hawk Drake Tarantula Hawk Drake egg Tarantula Hawk Drake hatchi Tarantula Hawk Drake mature hatchi Tarantula Hawk Drake adult Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Desert
Tatterdrake Tatterdrake egg Tatterdrake hatchi Tatterdrake mature hatchi Tatterdrake adult Can only breed with other DC Drakes. Forest,
Terrae Terrae egg 1 Terrae egg 2Terrae egg 3 Terrae hatchi Terrae female hatchiTerrae male hatchi Terrae femaleTerrae male Has three different egg patterns. Forest, Volcano
Tetra Tetra egg Tetra hatchi Tetra mature hatchi Tetra adult Coast, Jungle
Tri-Horn Wyvern Tri-Horn Wyvern egg Tri-Horn Wyvern hatchi Tri-Horn Wyvern mature hatchi Tri-Horn Wyvern femaleTri-Horn Wyvern male Alpine
Tsunami Wyvern Tsunami Wyvern egg Tsunami Wyvern hatchi Tsunami Wyvern female hatchi Tsunami Wyvern male hatchi Tsunami Wyvern femaleTsunami Wyvern male Coast
Turpentine Turpentine egg Turpentine hatchi Turpentine mature hatchi Turpentine adult Desert
Split Two headed egg Two-Headed hatchi Two-Headed female hatchiTwo-Headed male hatchi Two-Headed femaleTwo-Headed male Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. All
Two-headed Lindwyrm Two-headed Lindwurm blue eggTwo-headed Lindwurm green egg Two-headed Lindwurm blue hatchiTwo-headed Lindwurm green hatchi Two-headed Lindwurm blue mature hatchiTwo-headed Lindwurm green mature hatchi Two-headed Lindwurm blue femaleTwo-headed Lindwurm blue maleTwo-headed Lindwurm green femaleTwo-headed Lindwurm green male Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. Blue


Undine Dragon Undine egg Undine hatchi Undine female hatchiUndine male hatchi Undine femaleUndine male See also - Alt Undine. Alpine,
Water Water egg Water hatchi Water female hatchiWater male hatchi Water femaleWater male Coast
Water Walker Water Walker egg Water Walker hatchi Water Walker mature hatchi Water Walker adult Coast,
Waterhorse Water Horse egg Water Horse hatchi Water Horse female hatchiWater Horse male hatchi Water Horse femaleWater Horse male Coast
Whiptail Whiptail egg Whiptail hatchi Whiptail mature hatchi Whiptail adult Forest
White White egg White hatchi White mature hatchi White adult All
Yellow-Crowned Yellow-Crowned egg Yellow-Crowned hatchi Yellow-Crowned mature hatchi Yellow-Crowned femaleYellow-Crowned male Desert
(Coast Variant)
Zyumorph coast egg Zyumorph coast hatchi Zyumorph coast mature hatchi Zyumorph coast adult Has 6 different forms based on the 6 different biomes. All

Rare Dragons

Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Astrapi Xenowyrm egg Astrapi Xenowyrm hatchling Astrapi Xenowyrm mature hatchling Astrapi Xenowyrm adult See also- All Xenowyrms Alpine
Blusang Lindwyrm Blusang Lindwurm egg Blusang Lindwurm hatchi Blusang Lindwurm female hatchiBlusang Lindwurm male hatchi Blusang Lindwurm femaleBlusang Lindwurm male Coast
Chrono Xenowyrm egg Chrono Xenowyrm hatchling Chrono Xenowyrm mature hatchling Chrono Xenowyrm adult See also- All Xenowyrms Forest
Gaia Xenowyrm egg Gaia Xenowyrm hatchling Gaia Xenowyrm mature hatchling Gaia Xenowyrm adult See All Xenowyrms Jungle
Golden Wyvern Golden Wyvern egg Golden Wyvern hatchi Golden Wyvern mature hatchi Golden Wyvern femaleGolden Wyvern male Alpine
Mageia Xenowyrm egg Mageia Xenowyrm hatchling Mageia Xenowyrm mature hatchling Mageia Xenowyrm adult See also- All Xenowyrms Desert
Pyralspite Almandine egg Pyralspite Almandine hatchling Pyralspite Almandine mature hatchling Pyralspite Almandine adult Alpine
Pyralspite Spessartine egg Pyralspite Spessartine hatchling Pyralspite Spessartine mature hatchling Pyralspite Spessartine adult Coast
Pyro Xenowyrm egg Pyro Xenowyrm hatchling Pyro Xenowyrm mature hatchling Pyro Xenowyrm adult See also- All Xenowyrms Volcano
Thalassa Xenowyrm egg Thalassa Xenowyrm hatchling Thalassa Xenowyrm mature hatchling Thalassa Xenowyrm adult See also- All Xenowyrms Coast

Special Rare Dragons

Common Dragons' Alts

Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Black Black egg Alt Black crouching hatchiAlt Black sitting hatchi Alt Black crouching mature hatchiAlt Black sitting mature hatchi Alt Black femaleAlt Black male Has a small percentage to hatch from Black eggs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Dark Green Dark Green egg Dark Green alt hatchi Dark Green alt mature hatchi Dark Green alt adult Has a small percentage to hatch from Dark Green eggs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
(Valentine 2010)
Regular Alt
Sweetling egg Alt Sweetling hatchi Alt Sweetling mature hatchi Alt Sweetling adult Owned only by users hit by glitches (see page for details) Can only be obtained through breeding by users hit by glitches (see page for details).
Undine Undine egg Alt Undine hatchi Alt Undine female hatchiAlt Undine male hatchi Alt Undine femaleAlt Undine male Has a small percentage to hatch from Undine eggs. Can only be obtained through breeding.

Hybrid Dragons

Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Avatar of Change Avatar of Change egg Avatar of Change hatchling Avatar of Change mature hatchling Avatar of Change adult Crossing between Guardian of Nature x "Change-aligned species" pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Avatar of Creation Avatar of Creation egg Avatar of Creation hatchling Avatar of Creation mature hatchling Avatar of Creation adult Crossing between Guardian of Nature x "Creation-aligned species" pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Avatar of Destruction Avatar of Destruction egg Avatar of Destruction hatchling Avatar of Destruction mature hatchling Avatar of Destruction adult Crossing between Guardian of Nature x "Destruction-aligned species" pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Carina Carina egg Carina hatchi Carina female hatchiCarina male hatchi Carina femaleCarina male Crossing between Ridgewing x Nebula pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Dusk Pygmy Dusk Pygmy egg Dusk Pygmy hatchi Dusk Pygmy female hatchi Dusk Pygmy male hatchi Dusk Pygmy female Dusk Pygmy male Crossing between Crimson Flare Pygmy x Nilia Pygmy pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Geode Geode egg Geode hatchi Geode female hatchiGeode male hatchi Geode femaleGeode male Crossing between Green x Green,
Stone x Stone
Green x Stone pairs.
Can only be obtained through breeding.
Hellhorse Hellhorse egg Hellhorse hatchi Hellhorse female hatchiHellhorse male hatchi Hellhorse femaleHellhorse male Crossing between Hellfire x Horse pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Risensong Risensong egg Risensong hatchi Risensong mature hatchi Risensong adult Crossing between Sunrise x Sunsong pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Setsong Setsong egg Setsong hatchi Setsong mature hatchi Setsong adult Crossing between Sunset x Sunsong pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Shallow Water Shallow Water egg Shallow Water hatchi Shallow Water female hatchi Shallow Water male hatchi Shallow Water femaleShallow Water male Crossing between Water x Magi pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Soulpeace Soulpeace egg Soulpeace hatchi Soulpeace female hatchi Soulpeace male hatchi Soulpeace femaleSoulpeace male Crossing between White x Daydream pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Storm-Rider Storm-Rider egg Storm-Rider hatchi Storm-Rider mature hatchi Storm-Rider adult Crossing between Coastal Waverunner x Electric pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.
Two-Finned Bluna Two-Finned Bluna egg Two-Finned Bluna hatchi Two-Finned Bluna mature hatchi Two-Finned Bluna femaleTwo-Finned Bluna male Crossing between Water x Skywing
Deep Sea x Skywing pairs.
Can only be obtained through breeding.
Ultraviolet Ultraviolet egg Ultraviolet hatchi Ultraviolet female hatchi Ultraviolet male hatchi Ultraviolet femaleUltraviolet male Crossing between Spitfire x Purple pairs. Can only be obtained through breeding.

Legendary Trio

Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Ice Ice egg Ice hatchi Ice mature hatchi Ice adult Has "Summon" BSA. Alpine
Magma Magma egg Magma hatchi Magma mature hatchi Magma adult Has "Summon" BSA. Volcano
Thunder Thunder egg Thunder hatchi Thunder mature hatchi Thunder adult Has "Summon" BSA. Desert


Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Copper Dragon2 egg Copper Dragon2 hatchling Copper Dragon2 female hatchlingCopper Dragon2 male hatchling Copper Dragon2 femaleCopper Dragon2 male Alpine,
(Liver of Sulfur)
Copper Dragon1 egg Copper Dragon1 hatchling Copper Dragon1 female hatchlingCopper Dragon1 male hatchling Copper Dragon1 femaleCopper Dragon1 male Desert,
Copper Dragon3 egg Copper Dragon3 hatchling Copper Dragon3 female hatchlingCopper Dragon3 male hatchling Copper Dragon3 femaleCopper Dragon3 male Coast,
Gold Gold egg Gold hatchi Gold female hatchiGold male hatchi Gold femaleGold male All
Silver Silver egg Silver hatchi Silver female hatchiSilver male hatchi