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Holiday SpecialsEdit

Most Holiday dragons on DC possess Spriter's Alts that are restricted to their creators' scrolls only.

Valentine DragonsEdit

Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Valentines 2009
Valentine egg Valentine hatchi Valentine mature hatchi Valentine adult Female only.

2 CB Limit.
Valentines 2010
Sweetling egg Sweetling hatchi Sweetling mature hatchi Sweetling adult Male only.

2 CB Limit.
Valentines 2011
Rosebud egg Rosebud hatchi Rosebud mature hatchi Rosebud adult Female only.

2 CB Limit.
Valentines 2012
Heartseeker egg Heartseeker hatchi Heartseeker mature hatchi Heartseeker adult Male only.

2 CB Limit.
Valentines 2013
Arsani egg Arsani hatchi Arsani mature hatchi Arsani adult Female only.

2 CB Limit.
Radiant Angel
Valentines 2014
Radiant Angel egg Radiant Angel hatchi Radiant Angel mature hatchi Radiant Angel adult Male only.

2 CB Limit.
Valentines 2015
Heartstealing egg Heartstealing hatchi Heartstealing mature hatchi Heartstealing adult Female only.

2 CB Limit.
Valentines 2016
Mutamore egg Mutamore hatchi Mutamore mature hatchi Mutamore adult Male only.

2 CB Limit.
Valentines 2017
Soulstone egg Soulstone hatchi Soulstone mature hatchi Soulstone adult Female only.

2 CB Limit.

Halloween DragonsEdit

Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Halloween 2008
Vampire egg Vampire hatchi Vampire female hatchiVampire male hatchi Vampire femaleVampire male Has "Bite" BSA.
Halloween 2009
Pumpkin egg Pumpkin hatchi Pumpkin mature hatchi Pumpkin adult Can only breed with Pygmies or other Pumpkins.
Black Marrow
Halloween 2010
Black Marrow egg Black Marrow hatchi Black Marrow mature hatchi Black Marrow femaleBlack Marrow male
Shadow Walker
Halloween 2011
Shadow Walker egg Shadow Walker hatchi Shadow Walker mature hatchi Shadow Walker adult
Cavern Lurker
Halloween 2012
Cavern Lurker egg Cavern Lurker hatchi Cavern Lurker mature hatchi Cavern Lurker femaleCavern Lurker male
Halloween 2013
Grave egg Grave hatchi Grave mature hatchi Grave femaleGrave male
Halloween 2014
Desipis egg Desipis hatchling Desipis female hatchlingDesipis male hatchling Desipis femaleDesipis male
Halloween 2015
Caligene egg Caligene hatchi Caligene female hatchiCaligene male hatchi Caligene femaleCaligene male
Halloween 2016
Witchlight egg Witchlight hatchi Witchlight mature hatchi Witchlight femaleWitchlight male

Christmas DragonsEdit

Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Christmas 2007
Holly egg Holly hatchi Holly mature hatchi Holly adult Original release CBs are male only.

2 CB Limit.
Christmas 2008
Yulebuck egg Yulebuck hatchi Yulebuck mature hatchi Yulebuck adult Male only.

2 CB Limit.
Snow Angel
Christmas 2009
(Full Gold variant)
Snow Angel egg Snow Angel hatchi Snow Angel mature hatchi Snow Angel full gold adult Female only.
Has full gold, tri-colored, and white-tipped variations.

2 CB Limit.
Ribbon Dancer
Christmas 2010
Ribbon Dancer egg Ribbon Dancer hatchi Ribbon Dancer mature hatchi Ribbon Dancer adult Female only.

2 CB Limit.
Winter Magis
Christmas 2011
Winter Magi egg Winter Magi hatchi Winter Magi mature hatchi Winter Magi adult Male only.

2 CB Limit.
Christmas 2012
Wrapping-Wing egg Wrapping-Wing hatchi Wrapping-Wing mature hatchi Wrapping-Wing adult Male only.

2 CB Limit.
Christmas 2013
Solstice egg Solstice hatchi Solstice mature hatchi rosy Solstice adult rosy Female only.
Has night and day variations.

2 CB Limit.
Christmas 2014
Mistletoe egg Mistletoe hatchling Mistletoe mature hatchling Mistletoe adult CBs are female only.

2 CB Limit.
Christmas 2015
Aegis egg Aegis hatchi Aegis mature hatchi Aegis adult Male only.
Has "Enrage" BSA with altered sprite.

2 CB Limit.
Christmas 2016
Snow egg Snow hatchi Snow mature hatchi Snow adult Male only.

2 CB Limit.

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