Egg only, automatically frozen. Different sprites appear at different times of the year and events.

Type Spring Summer Autumn Winter Habitat
Leetle Tree
Spring Leetle Tree Summer Leetle Tree Autumn Leetle Tree Winter Leetle Tree Forest
Type Valentine AFD Earth Day Halloween Christmas Habitat
Leetle Tree
Valentine Leetle Tree April Fools Leetle Tree Earth Day Leetle Tree Halloween Leetle Tree Old Leetle Tree Forest


Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Chicken Chicken Egg Chicken hatchi Chicken hatchi Chicken adult All


Breed Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Blue Dino Blue Dino egg Blue Dino hatchi Blue Dino mature hatchi Blue Dino adult Jungle
Green Dino Green Dino egg Green Dino hatchi Green Dino mature hatchi Green Dino adult Jungle
Purple Dino Purple Dino egg Purple Dino hatchi Purple Dino mature hatchi Purple Dino adult Jungle
Red Dino Red Dino egg Red Dino hatchi Red Dino mature hatchi Red Dino adult Jungle
Yellow Dino Yellow Dino egg Yellow Dino hatchi Yellow Dino mature hatchi Yellow Dino adult Jungle

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