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Can't find the dragon you're looking for? Before you ask about it, see if it was recently posted on the Currently Being Released page.

  • All dragons are displayed with the female on top (female/male) unless otherwise noted. If only one image is displayed, then there are no gender-specific sprites.
  • Rares can now breed with other rares. Vampires may only reproduce using their breed specific action.
  • Additionally, Drakes can only breed with other Drakes while Pygmies can only breed with other Pygmies or Pumpkin dragons.

Other helpful Identification pages:

Common & Uncommon Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Albino Albino egg Albino hatchi Albino mature hatchi IpIW Alpine,
Balloon Balloon egg Balloon hatchi Balloon mature hatchi Balloon adult Alpine,
Black New Black Egg Black hatchie Black female hatchlingBlack hatchie m New BlackBlack Adult Male See also - Alt Black. All
Brimstone Brimstone egg Brimstone hatchi Brimstone mature hatchi Brimstone adult Desert,
Canopy Canopy egg Rpaj Canopy mature hatchi Canopy femaleCanopy male Jungle
Daydream Daydream egg Daydream hatchi Daydream mature hatchi Daydream femaleDaydream male Coast,
(Purple / Red)
Purple Dorsal egg MultiR Purple Dorsal hatchi Red Dorsal hatchi Purple Dorsal mature hatchi Red Dorsal mature hatchi Purple Dorsal adultRed Dorsal adult Has purple and red variations. Jungle
Electric Electric egg Electric hatchi Electric mature hatchi File:Electrostaticdragon.gifElectric male Alpine
Ember Ember egg Ember hatchi Ember mature hatchi Ember femaleEmber male Volcano
Gold-horned Tangar GaCXY BrightOrangeHatchling BYTG 3qAhGold-horned Tangar male Jungle
Gray Foggegg Gray Hatchling Gray Mature New grayGray Adult All
Green Greenegg Green Hatchling Green Mature Green Adult Has "Earthquake" BSA. Forest,
Guardian Newguradianegg Guardian - Hatchling Guardian Mature Guardian3 Alpine,
Harvest 0sm8 NDhF YXmJ female WMjK Zlod.gifJmsa.gif Alpine, Forest
Horse Horsedragonegg Dragon Horse Hatchling Dragon Horse Mature 2oAo Jungle
Lumina Shimmer egg GCbn Shimmer mature hatchi Shimmer female adultShimmering male adult Changes color for 24 hours when bred with certain breeds. All
Magi Newmagiegg Magi Hatchling Magi Mature Magi3 Has "Teleport" BSA. All
Mint Mintegg Mint Hatchling Mint Mature Mint3 Alpine,
Moonstone Moonstone egg Blue hatchi LRkb Moonstone Male Hatchling Moonstone female adultMoonstone male adult Desert
Neotropical Neoeggnew Neotropical Hatchling Neo Hatchling NeotropicalNeotropical male Jungle
(Day / Night)
OUej DfuL Nocturne night hatchie 1 Gendered Limestone Nocturne night hatchie Noctourne AdultNocturne Adult Female Night Form NewNocturne night adult Has day and night forms that change every 12 hours.
Has different night forms sprites.
(Male shown on bottom & Female shown on the middle).
Alpine, Forest
Olive Rotten egg DeadLeaves Ranc Olive adult Olive male adult Forest
Pillow SVmW VFBT 5cqa 7ZmT FemalepillowMalepillow Alpine
Pink Pink egg File:Pink Hatchling.gif File:MqIT.gif File:Pink female hatchling.gif Pink femalePink male Has "Influence" BSA. All
Purple Purpleegg Purple Hatchling Purple MatureHatchie1-influencedmale Purple adultMale purple Has "Fertility" BSA. All
Red Redegg Red Hatchling Red Mature Red3 Has "Incubate" BSA. Coast,
Desert, Volcano
Ridgewing Fan2 I5HS Hatchling2 august Hatchling1 august EYmU female EiGv maleDuls female C7RS male FemalesMalesTgfsdgF432 Alpine
Royal Blue File:MOONLIGHT.gif NewBlueDragon s1 Moonlight mature hatchiMoonlight male hatchie Royalblue femaleRoyalblue male Alpine
Spitfires GohT LLDD LLDD (1) Spitfire Desert
Spotted Greenwing QccOY CAt0N 2h5l TAGU Forest
Stone Stone Stone Hatchling Stone Mature Stone3 Alpine,
(White shown)
White striped egg White striped hatchie1 White striped hatchie2 White striped femaleWhite striped male Has white, black, blue, green, and red variations. Only white is dropped from the cave; other colors only through breeding. Forest, Jungle
Sunrise / Sunset Newsunegg Sunrise Hatchling Sunset Hatchling IUFS Zs27 7c2LSunrise maleMQC909XI Different dragons hatch based on time of day. Cannot hatch outside specific time windows. Alpine,
Sunstone EsXi Orange hatchi L5mJ Sunstone Adult Desert
Swallowtail 4nsQ YdOl


MOAN.gifMaleswallowtail Forest
Terrae Lush green egg Lush2Lush3 Ungendered1 FemalegreenMalegreen Femaleterrae4KMp Forest, Volcano
Turpentine Turpentine egg Turpentine hatchling AXB8O WT8b Desert
Two-Headed Split egg Split hatchi Split female hatchiSplit male hatchi Split femaleSplit male Can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons. Alpine,
Vine Vine Egg Vine hatchling S1 Vine Hatchling S2 Vine Adult See also - Alt Vine. Forest, Jungle
Water Walker New Water walker Water Walker Hatchling Water Walker Mature New Waterwalker Coast,
Waterhorse Blue Water Horse Hatchling Water horse dragon femaleWater horse dragon Water HorseWater Horse male Coast
Whiptail New whiptail Egg Whiptail Hatchling DFq6 DFq62 Forest
White Whiteegg White Hatchling White Mature White3 Alpine,

Seasonal Dragons

Which dragon is available changes based on season.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Spring Springegg Season Spring S1 Season Spring S2 FemSeason Spring S2 Male Season Spring Adult FemaleSeason Spring Adult Male Alpine,
Summer Jajco Season Summer S1 Season Summer S2 FemSeason Summer S2 Male Season Summer Adult FemaleSeason Summer Adult Male Alpine,
Autumn Season Fall Egg Season Fall S1 Season Fall Mature FemaleSeason Fall S2 Male Season Fall Adult FemaleSeason Fall Adult Male Alpine,
Winter File:Season Winter Egg.gif Season Winter S1 Season Winter S2 FemSeason Winter S2 Male Season Winter Adult FemaleSeason Winter Adult Male Alpine,


Dragons listed here can only breed with other drakes

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Day Glory Drake / Night Glory Drake Glory Drake egg Day Glory Drake hatchi Night Glory Drake hatchi Day Glory Drake mature hatchi Night Glory Drake mature hatchi Day Glory Drake adultNight Glory Drake adult Different dragons hatch based on the time the egg was laid. Can only breed with other drakes. Forest
Ochredrake New Ochredrake Egg Orchedrake Hatchling Orac New ochredracke Can only breed with other drakes. Forest


Dragons listed here can only breed with other pygmies and pumpkins

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Crimson Flare Pygmy Crimson Flare Pygmy egg Crimson Flare Pygmy hatchi Crimson Flare Pygmy mature hatchi Crimson Flare Pygmy adult Jungle,
Dark Myst Pygmy Dark Myst Pygmy egg Dark Myst Pygmy hatchi Dark Myst Pygmy female hatchiDark Myst Pygmy male hatchi

Dark Myst Pygmy femaleDark Myst Pygmy male

Misfit Pygmy ASVL O7JD O7JDs 0uU7KCUS Jungle, Volcano
Nilia Pygmy F5KE Dphdgsfd 0ate BAn0 Alpine,
Seawyrm Pygmy 7m2e 4nhasfggfd 4nha B7mb.gifSeawyrm pygmy male adult Coast
Pygmy PigmyEgg Pygmy Hatchling Pygmy MatureMalePygmymature

Female PygmyMale Pygmy



Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Bright-breasted Wyvern Bright-breasted Wyvern egg Bright-breasted Wyvern hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern female hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern male hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern femaleBright-breasted Wyvern male Jungle
Coastal Waverunner Coastal Waverunner egg Coastal Waverunner hatchi Coastal Waverunner mature hatchi Coastal Waverunner adult Coast
Flamingo Wyvern Flamingo egg Flamingo hatchi Female Male MTVj femaleESQo male Alpine,
Golden Wyvern ShimmeringGoldNew NewYellowDragon s1 Shimmer mature hatchi Goldenwyvern femaleGoldenwyvern male Alpine
Hellfire Wyvern New egg april 3 4p5g HnBI.gif 4p5g.gif Hellfire Wyvern FemaleHellfire Wyvern Male Volcano
Nebula New Egg April 2 Ikqm RqsYNebula maleNebula red female hatchiGreennebmalehatch Nebula FemaleNebula MaleRednebulafemNebula green male Alpine,
Tsunami Wyvern Birthday1 JYEsG Blue female hatchi Blue mature hatchi Blue female adultBlue male adult Coast


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Blusang Lindwurm Blusang Lindwurm egg Blusang Lindwurm hatchi Blusang Lindwurm female hatchiBlusang Lindwurm male hatchi Blusang Lindwurm femaleBlusang Lindwurm male Coast


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Skywing Skywingegg Hatchling Skywing Mature Skywing Skywing3 Coast
Sunsong Amphiptere New egg april Nt1R 3SRr.gifSun male Sunsong Amphiptere MaleeSunsong Amphipteres Male Jungle

Sea Serpents

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Deep Sea Deep Sea egg Deep Sea hatchi Deep Sea mature hatchi Deep Sea Coast
Water Newwateregg Water Hatchling Water-hatchling-femaleWater Mature New water femaleNew water male Coast

Rare & Special Dragons


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Black New Black Egg Alt black crouching 1stAlt Black 1st stage Altblackf2bAlt black 2nd stage sitting New black altAltblack3 Can only be obtained through breeding.
Vine Vine Egg Vine Alternate Hatchling S1 Vine Alternate Hatchling S2 Vine Alternate Adult Can only be obtained through breeding.
Regular Alt shown
Valentine10 Vdayblackalt Sweetling Juvenile Alt Sweetling Adult Alt

Legendary Trio

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Ice Iceegg Ice Hatchling Ice Mature Ice Adult Has "Summon" BSA. Alpine
Magma D5JB Magma Hatchling Magma Mature Magma Adult Has "Summon" BSA. Volcano
Thunder Thunder-egg-new-new Thunder Hatchling Thunder Mature Thunder Adult Has "Summon" BSA. Desert


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Gold GoldUpdateEgg File:GoldUpdate.gif Gold female hatchiGoldUpdate2 PKKYNCFQ All
Silver Newsilveregg Silver Hatchling Silver MatureSilver male hatchie Silver3fSilver3m All

Prize Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Gold Tinsel Gold prize egg GoldPrizeS1 Tinsel gold mature hatchling B0Bh.gif
Silver Tinsel Silverprize CPI9 PEu4 IRXv.gif
Bronze Tinsel Bronze BronzeS1 COTe EsTg.gif

Other Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features Habitat
Cheese Cheese egg Cheese Cheese Mature Cheese Adult Currently has no gender. All
Guardian of Nature V5hI Summonhatchling Summoned hatchling matured Summoning 2-Per-Scroll limit.
Can only be obtained through "Summon" action.
Geode File:Geodeegg.gif Geode Hatchling S1 File:Geode Hatchling S1.gifGeode Hatchling male File:New geode.gifFile:Geode3.gif Can only be obtained through breeding.
Neglected Lonp Neglected Hatchling Neglected Mature Neglected femaleNeglected maleNeglect-ungen Also has ungendered adult sprite (shown on bottom).
Paper File:NMTE.gif Paper 1st stage Paper 2nd stage hatchling Paper Currently ungendered but previously gendered. All
Shallow Water Shallow Water egg Shallow Water hatchi Shallow Water female hatchi Shallow Water male hatchi Shallow Water femaleShallow Water male Can only be obtained through breeding.
Two Finned Bluna Speckled Egg 6pjG 6pjG2 Bluna femaleTwo Fin Bluna Male Can only be obtained through breeding.
Ultraviolets Birthday3 Krent Cyan female hatchi Cyan mature hatchi Cyan female adultCyan male adult Can only be obtained through breeding.
Zombie None Zombie Hatchling Gendered Zombie Hatchling Zombie3 Only visible on scroll from midnight to 6 am. Shows as a tombstone on the 31st of each month.

Holiday Specials

Christmas Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Christmas 2007
Holly Egg 2010.gif Christmas 071 Hatch-Christmas 072 Christmas3
Christmas 2008
Candycane1 Christmas 081 Christmas Candycane3 Male only.
Snow Angel
Christmas 2009
("full gold" shown)
Beautiful christmas egg Dragon Christmas09-2 Mrry Female only.
Has full gold, tri-colored, and white-tipped variations.
Ribbon Dancers
Christmas 2010
Ribbon Dancer egg Ribon Dancer S1 Ribbon Dancer S2 Xmas10adultf Female Only.
Winter Magis
Christmas 2011
Holly Christmas 2011 hatchi ZMkD Christmas 2011 adult Male only.

Halloween Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Halloween 2008
New vamp egg Vampirehatch1 VampirehatchlingVamp hatchie male Vamp3fVamp3m Has "Bite" BSA.
Halloween 2009
03QM I3UC DWKP Pumpkin Adult Can only breed with Pygmies.
Black Marrow
Halloween 2010
F7og 6iET GHST BlackMarrowAdultFKen5
Shadow Walker
Halloween 2011
Halloween2011 egg Halloween2011 hatchi NewHatchlingMaturedMale Shadow Walker Adult

Valentine Dragons

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Valentines 2009
VdayEgg VdayS1 VdayS2 NewVal09 Female only.
Valentines 2010
Valentine10 Cndy Cndy2 File:Cndyadult.gif Male only.
Valentines 2011
AR1X 0NDK Rardgfgff ZOkO Female only.
Valentines 2012
Valentine 2012 egg Valentine 2012 hatchi Choc Dragon OYst Male only.



Egg only, automatically frozen. Different sprites appear at different times of the year and events.

Type Valentine Spring Earth Day Summer Autumn Halloween Winter Christmas Habitat
Leetle Tree

Valentine tree

Spring tree Earth-day tree Summer tree Autumn tree Halloween tree Winter tree Leetle Forest


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Chicken New Chicken Egg Chick Chick Chicken Adult All


Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Habitat
Blue Dino New Blue dino Blue Dino Hatchling Blue Dino Hatchling S2 Dinob3 Jungle
Green Dino Greendinonewwegg Green dino S1 Green dino S2 Dinog3 Jungle
Purple Dino New purple dino Purple Dino S1 Purple Dino S2 Purple Jungle
Red Dino New Red Dino Red Dino S1 Red Dino S2 Dinor3 Jungle
Yellow Dino New Yellow Dino Yello dino 1st stage Yellow dino 2nd stage hatchling Dinoy3 Jungle


These dragons can still breed, but they won't produce an egg of their species

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Other Features
Bright Pink Pink Plink Mature bright pink hatchling Pink3 Female Only.
Frilled New Frill Egg Frilled Hatchling Frilled Hatchling S2 Frill

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