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General Discussion takes up about a third of the forums. This is a place to discuss topics not related to Dragon Cave. It consists of four sub-forums:

Multi-Media: This is the section to talk about media: arts, reading material, movies, music etc. This is where discussions about various art forms are found, as well as banners and websites. It is divided into a further four sub-sections: Original Works, Books, Visual Media and Music. Discussions that don't fit any of these areas can be posted in the general Multi-Media section. Talking about Dragon Cave is discouraged here with the exception of specifically related art, such as banners, fan art or fan fiction.

Video Games: A place to talk about all sorts of video games, including Wii, Xbox, Playstation, and computer-based games.

Forum Games: Games include things like 'Rate the Avatar Above You', 'Boys vs. Girls' and 'Would You Rather?'. Posts made in this section do not increase a member's accumulative post count.

General Discussion: A place for anything that doesn't belong anywhere else. Topics range from fun and trivial (The Funny Images thread, for example) to serious, such as the Gay Marriage/Rights thread.

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