This is a thread in the forum where people come to inform the public of any hatchlings or rare eggs they have, which they are abandoning. It is used to help distribute rares to those who want them, and prevents people having to go through the hassle of finding a trade, or a gifter/giftee. Currently, both rare and uncommon eggs are allowed to be announced on the board, as well as hatchlings of all kinds. The thread is moderated by the users arlymaye, and Bodecia.

When posting a dragon which is going to be abandoned, the poster should use the following format:

  • Stage: E
  • Breed: Gold
  • Caveborn/Lineage : C
  • Days/Hours To Mature : 4D/4H
  • Gender/Influence : M
  • Code: XxxX
  • Departure Time: xx:15 past the hour
  • Contact Owner : Y

The owner might also post additional notes, such as whether they want it to be named, or not be frozen.

It is asked that all codes are edited out of the post after the dragon is dropped, to avoid the egg/hatchling getting too many views.

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