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There exist quite a number of hidden pages on Dragon Cave. Here's a list of those which got discovered by users.


  • Before the Help page was added to the site navigation it was a hidden page too.
  • The LOLBRB page gets displayed when the site is down.

Hidden Pages

The ಠ_ಠ Page

The ಠ_ಠ page is a page where different faces get displayed when constantly refreshed, with 5 possible faces. (One of these faces will even lead to a youtube video when clicked on! Face: Щ(°Д°Щ) )

The <3 Page

This page shows the fake <3 egg.

The XD Page

This page displays the fake XD egg.

The Check Page

The check page if your symbols for males and females have vanished and you see letters instead, the check page fixes it.

The Description Day Page

The description day page shows a line graph revealing what percent of dragon descriptions are still needing reviews.

The Graveyard Page

The Graveyard displays recently deceased eggs, hatchlings and dragons. It does not always show. Read more...

The "Make My Eggs Gold" Page

This page is a random joke page.

The Thuwed Page

Thuwed page

Thuwed breeding list message

This page lists all of TJ09's Thuwed pairs. If a user is on the breeding list, the page will display a small announcement message.

The Wilderness Page

The Wilderness page shows wild (released) dragons.

The Wilderness/Young Page

The wilderness/young page shows still-growing wild dragons bred from the wild adults. (If there are no wild bred hatchlings the page will get redirected to the normal wilderness page.) Read more ...

404 Potato Page

The 404 potato page is a hidden page that apparently existed since Halloween 2011. TJ09 commented on the page, suggesting it was temporary.

not guaranteed to be around forever, don't rely on it.

TJ09 Aug 25 2014, 12:17 PM

Retired Hidden Pages

These hidden pages really existed at one point in the Dragon Cave history. As time went on they disappeared one by one.

  • Cat Lineage: When you typed "lineage-cats" instead of just lineage the little lineage boxes had cat files as background images. (TJ installed this after a user suggested to throw cats at the new lineages to appease everyone.)
  • Dorkface: There used to be a page that listed all the Dorkfaces.
  • Proxyjs: said "HAI" to you.
  • Rare: This page somehow represented the Cave population and drop-rates.
  • The List: A different message was displayed depending on the browser you viewed it on!
  • The Nursery: This page hosted growing dragons that could have used a boost.
  • TJ Sort: It sorted your dragons as they were on TJ's scroll.
  • wtf: Apparently, the site didn't liked it to being wtf'd at...
  • WTFBBQCHICKEN: There once existed a WTFBBQCHICKEN page.
  • The Reject Page: displayed all recent breeding rejections.
  • The Meh Page: Removed any Rare x Rare rejections recorded before Rare x Rare breeding was allowed.
  • The S1 Updater Page: This was a tool which TJ09 released when the S1 hatchling freezing got implemented, to let people take existing "S1 frozen" hatchlings (which are accomplished merely by low views) and "convert" them to proper S1 frozens.
  • The Frozen Stone Egg from Stone x Pygmy page showed a frozen stone egg, named "oh god that would be hilarious," bred from a pair of Wild Dragons in 2011.
    Note: the egg is no longer shown, instead a mesage saying "You can't seem to find the dragon you're looking for." comes up.

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