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Please consider that there are users who have been with this game since the beginning and therefore are a few years ahead with collecting dragons.
Plus, in the beginning some of the now very rare dragon kinds weren't rare, but instead were classified as common or uncommon.

1. Definition of "Hoard/Hoarding"Edit

Informally, it means to collect multiple dragons of the same breeds; while the term can be applied to commons, it is usually dozens of rare dragons that causes the most anger among those who do not hoard. The subject was finally banned by the resident mod on the Venting thread (and therefore everywhere) after multiple flame wars.

Many people have one of two viewpoints:

  1. That hoarding is a natural right and the point of DC; or that
  2. Hoarding prevents people without amazing internet from getting rares.

This word has been declared officially nonexistent on DC by the site creator TJ09. We apologize for our fake definition.

2. Definition of "Hoarder"Edit

Hoarder - fictional creatures not actually existing.

This word has been declared officially nonexistent on DC by the site creator TJ09. We apologize for our fake definition.

They have over 6 of many different 'Rare Dragons' and/or many of one type of uncommon or common (armies) and always look for more. They don't stop at one army, they keep making armies.They use other scrolls to store their eggs on. They make their dragons have a lot of babies (through breeding) and they keep them all. With them on Dragon Cave people have less chance of getting dragons.

Only a few people call certain users 'hoarders'. Usually it ends up in a result of a fight, since everyone believes Dragon Cave is to be played however they want. 'Hoarders' also make it quite annoying to someone scrolling down their page, due to all of the repeated dragons listed on the scroll. Most of them sometimes don't name their dragons, so that adds onto the annoyance. Most new users easily become jealous of these 'hoarders' due to the fact that they can't really get rares that easily, and aren't really the fastest clickers usually. Sometimes on gifting threads when somebody who has a lot of rares posts a request, people frown upon them. 'Hoarders' are defined as greedy.

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