Holiday Cooking-Kitchen

Your kitchen for the "Holiday Cooking".

The Holiday Cooking event started on December 19, 2012 and lasted until January 2, 2013. Users could find ingredients and recipes that were scattered around the DC website. After collecting their first ingredient, participants in the event gained a Cream Pie Badge, which is displayed at the top of their scrolls. By combining basic ingredients, new recipes could be discovered, and new ingredients (which were made from the new recipes) were created. After users collected all 17 of the basic ingredients, the "red star" recipe cards started to drop. Each one of the "red star" recipe cards gave a user a ticket for the site-wide raffle. Unlike the standard recipes, which could be discovered by experimenting with the blank recipe cards and ingredients, it was not possible to create a dish from a red star recipe until the user found the relevant recipe card. After finishing all recipes the Cream Pie Badge turned into a Pumpkin Pie Badge.

There are two main types of recipes which are labeled as "Preparation" and "Oven". It takes a lot of trial and error to attempt recipes. For successful recipes you gain the recipe card. For failures, the following message is displayed:

"You throw all of the ingredients together...
And the result is a giant mess. You toss it into the garbage before anyone notices."



Cream Pie Pumpkin Pie Strawberry Pie Blueberry Pie (Contributors) (Contributors)

Holiday Cooking 2012 cream pie badge

Holiday Cooking 2012 pumpkin pie badge Holiday Cooking 2012 contributor badge 1 Holiday Cooking 2012 contributor badge 2 Holiday Cooking 2012 contributor badge 3 Holiday Cooking 2012 contributor badge 4

Recipe Cards Edit

Oven Recipe Fire Oven Recipe Oven Recipe Fire Preparation Recipe Knife Preparation Recipe Preparation Recipe Knife
Blank Oven Recipe

Blank Preparation Recipe

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

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  • Where do I get ingredients?
Basic ingredients have to be gathered. You can find them randomly around the site. More advanced ingredients have to be made from combinations of the basic ingredients.
  • Where do I get recipes?
Experiment! Lots of recipes can only be discovered by choosing the right combination of ingredients.
Once you have all of the basic ingredients, you'll be able to find advanced recipes around the site instead. These advanced recipes cannot be discovered, even if you know the ingredients.
  • I can't discover any recipes!
That's not a question, but here's some help anyway:
A lot of key items can be made by cooking or preparing a single ingredient. Once you have these, you'll be able to prepare advanced recipes more easily.
Also, try looking at advanced recipes. See what items you don't have, and think about how you could possibly make those missing items.
  • How do the raffle tickets work?
You get one raffle ticket for each advanced (starred) recipe you successfully make. You only get entered once per recipe; even if you make the item multiple times, it only counts the first time.
  • How do I cook on a mobile device?
The cooking feature works just fine on mobile browsers. Simply tap the recipe you want to make, or tap ingredients to add them to a blank recipe.
  • How do I know when I'm done?
When you're done, your badge will change from an cream pie to a pumpkin pie. If this happens, you have discovered and made all of the recipes.
  • How many ingredients, common recipes and red star recipes are there?
There are 17 basic ingredients, 33 common recipes and 40 red star recipes, which makes a total of 90 food items in the Holiday Cooking Event.

Collection of RecipesEdit

List of all recipes. (Source: Dragon Cave Recipes : ALL the food!)


  • After all 17 basic ingredients were found, recipe cards would start to drop.
  • Users needed the according recipe card in order to make each "Red Star" recipe.

Common RecipesEdit

There are 33 possible dishes/ingredients that can be made with the 17 basic ingredients.

Show/Hide the Common Recipes
Makes Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Method
Apple Pie Plain Dough Apple Slices Oven Recipe Fire
Apple Slices Fruit Preparation Recipe Knife
Boiling Water Water Oven Recipe Fire
Bread Bread Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Bread Dough Plain Dough Yeast Preparation Recipe Knife
Cake Flour Eggs Milk Sugar Oven Recipe Fire
Caramel Sugar Oven Recipe Fire
Cheese Milk Preparation Recipe Knife
Chocolate Cocoa Beans Ice Milk Sugar Preparation Recipe Knife
Fruit Jam Sugar Fruit Preparation Recipe Knife
Gingerbread Sweet Dough Spices Oven Recipe Fire
Gumdrops Soft Candy Spices Preparation Recipe Knife
Hard Candy Caramel Oven Recipe Fire
Ice Cream Eggs Ice Milk Preparation Recipe Knife
Icing Chocolate Milk Sugar Preparation Recipe Knife
Lemon Curd Fruit Sugar Eggs Preparation Recipe Knife
Lemon Meringue
Plain Dough Lemon Curd Meringue Oven Recipe Fire
Marshmallows Water Sugar Herbs Oven Recipe Fire
Mashed Sweet
Sugar Spices Roasted Vegetables Oven Recipe Fire
Meringue Eggs Sugar Preparation Recipe Knife
Mushroom Gravy Sliced Mushrooms Flour Water Oven Recipe Fire
Mushroom Soup Sliced Mushrooms Boiling Water Spices Oven Recipe Fire
Peanut Butter Nuts Preparation Recipe Knife
Pecan Pie Nuts Plain Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Plain Dough Flour Eggs Preparation Recipe Knife
Pumpkin Pie Vegetables Plain Dough Sugar Oven Recipe Fire
Roast Chicken Poultry Oven Recipe Fire
Roast Meat Meat Herbs Oven Recipe Fire
Roasted Vegetables Vegetables Herbs Oven Recipe Fire
Sliced Mushrooms Mushrooms Preparation Recipe Knife
Soft Candy Water Sugar Oven Recipe Fire
Stock Meat Boiling Water Oven Recipe Fire
Sweet Dough Eggs Plain Dough Sugar Preparation Recipe Knife

Red-Star Recipe Red Star RecipesEdit

There are 40 possible red star dishes/ingredients that can be made.

Red star recipes cannot be discovered, even if you know the ingredients you'll need the recipe card to make them.

Recipes with a red star in the upper right corner function as raffle tickets for the site-wide raffle. To qualify, users have to gather the recipe and make the dish.

Show/Hide the Red Star Recipes
Makes Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5 Method
Apple Cider Fruit Spices Boiling Water Oven Recipe Fire
Apple Pie
à la mode
Apple Pie Ice Cream Preparation Recipe Knife
Banana Split Fruit Ice Cream Nuts Preparation Recipe Knife
Beef & Salad
Vegetables Fruit Roast Meat Bread Preparation Recipe Knife
Biscuits and Gravy Mushroom Gravy Bread Preparation Recipe Knife
Bûche de Noël Fruit Meringue Icing Cake Preparation Recipe Knife
Buckeyes Sugar Chocolate Peanut Butter Preparation Recipe Knife
Cabbage Roll Meat Vegetables Grain Oven Recipe Fire
Caramel Apple Fruit Caramel Preparation Recipe Knife
Chicken & Salad
Fruit Vegetables Roast Chicken Bread Preparation Recipe Knife
Chocolate Covered
Fruit Chocolate Oven Recipe Fire
Cookies Sweet Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Eggnog Eggs Milk Spices Preparation Recipe Knife
Fruit Salad Fruit Apple Slices Preparation Recipe Knife
Fruitcake Fruit Spices Plain Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Gingerbread House Gumdrops Hard Candy Gingerbread Preparation Recipe Knife
Ham and Cheese
Cheese Roast Meat Bread Preparation Recipe Knife
Hot Cocoa Milk Chocolate Marshmallows Oven Recipe Fire
Lemon Meringue Pie
à la mode
Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream Preparation Recipe Knife
Lemon Tarts Lemon Curd Sweet Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Meat Pie Meat Plain Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Meat Pie Poultry Plain Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Minestrone Meat Vegetables Herbs Boiling Water Grain Oven Recipe Fire
Mixed Soup Meat Vegetables Stock Oven Recipe Fire
Nobake Cookies Grain Chocolate Peanut Butter Preparation Recipe Knife
Pastie Meat Vegetables Plain Dough Oven Recipe Fire
PB&J Sandwhich Peanut Butter Fruit Jam Bread Preparation Recipe Knife
Pecan Pie
à la mode
Ice Cream Pecan Pie Preparation Recipe Knife
Pumpkin Pie
à la mode
Ice Cream Pumpkin Pie Preparation Recipe Knife
S’mores Chocolate Gingerbread Marshmallows Preparation Recipe Knife
Smothered Steak Vegetables Roasted Meat Mushroom Gravy Oven Recipe Fire
Sticky Buns Fruit Sugar Spices Bread Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Stollen Fruit Nuts Sweet Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Strawberry Tarts Fruit Jam Sweet Dough Oven Recipe Fire
String Bean
Milk Vegetables Mushroom Cheese Mushroom Soup Oven Recipe Fire
Sweet Pastries Fruit Sweet Dough Oven Recipe Fire
Tossed Salad Fruit Vegetables Preparation Recipe Knife
Vegetable Soup Vegetables Boiling Water Oven Recipe Fire
Wine Yeast Fruit Preparation Recipe Knife
Spices Mushroom Cheese Mashed Sweet Potatoes Oven Recipe Fire

Sprites and Sprite Artist(s)Edit

Here you can see all items that could be discovered.

Items Artists Items Artists
Vnl17Ok0 Earthgirl SDOXZGQ8SADl6IAZD4umSkceP3ToNvl2HcRN6lZ2ZdtQRKmVRU2gMnTTB3tcD4Fh ParticleSoup
XWZLDkRKWrsjTJsn0n9kGRnAN0X0SFbh7cL9 Fiona BlueFire 9VCgNvl2HMVTU5UhIG2t Pokemonfan13
8Zp33DosGI5F Imbecamiel LGnq4JU9 Sif
Xmt2Ke01WOSOWFEoUnSEAEGmA7to JOTB G7G9FNenXmMmTKq481F7Gfku Thuban

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