Legendary Trio

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The Legendary Trio are a group of three dragons that were released on the 22nd of November, 2009. The trio is made up of Ice, Thunder and Magma Dragons. This title was given by TJ09, who hinted on the release page about their relevance to the 3 legendary trio Pokèmon birds; Articuno (Ice), Zapdos (Thunder/Electric) and Moltres (Magma/Fire).

When first released, they were dropped in the Cave biome and users quickly noticed that they appeared less frequently than other dragons that are dropped during initial release phases. This, along with the "Legendary" title and the fact that they could not breed with other rare dragons indicated that were the first rare dragons to be released that year.

After "The Change", they were able to interbreed with each other and other rares, as well as having been moved to their current Habitats:

Both Ice and Thunder eggs have a regular cracking sequence, but Magma egg have their own unique sequence. As magma eggs mature, it looks as though magma is leaking out of the shell.

Dragon DescriptionsEdit

Ice dragons are fierce predators who hunt using their extremely cold breath. The breath of an ice dragon can freeze its prey solid in seconds. The body of an ice dragon is so cold that icicles will form along its skin no matter the outside temperature.

Magma dragons are capable of withstanding the intense temperatures of their element. They live in volcanic regions, their bodies coated in the red hot magma which clings to their scales. They must leave the lava fields in order to hunt, requiring surprisingly little food to sustain their lumbering mass.

Thunder dragons are the masters of electricity. Their wings gather energy as they soar through the clouds, and when they clap their wings together they can create devastating arcs of lightning. They can stay airborne nearly indefinitely, landing only to sleep and breed; they catch their prey from the air and take moisture from the clouds. A Thunder dragon's roar is considered to be an omen of misfortune.

Breed Specific ActionEdit

As a part of the "Mod Mayhem" release on April 1st, 2010, the members of the legendary trio were given the breed specific action known as Summon, which joins their forces together to summon a Guardian of Nature egg when all 3 dragons are present on a user's scroll. The summoning is not guaranteed, however having multiple sets of trios on a scroll will increase the chances of a successful summoning.

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