Revive is an action that can only be done on dead hatchlings and dead adults. In-game, the player casts a magic spell in an attempt to revive a dead creature.

Three things can happen:

  1. The revival will fail and the dragon is dead for good. ("You attempt to revive the dragon/hatchling using magic, but fail. The dragon’s body disintegrates." )
  2. The revival is successful and the dragon returns to its former state. ("You attempt to revive the dragon using magic, and are successful.")
  3. The revival is only partially successful and the dragon turns into an Undead Dragon, also known as a Zombie Dragon. ("You attempt to revive the dragon/hatchling using magic, but something goes horribly wrong. The dragon is brought back from the dead as a zombie." )

At one point, Undead Dragons were impossible to attain on any day other than Halloween, but as of the August 2016 Site Update, Undead Dragons can be created on any day of the year, with the chances of this occurring increasing when they are visible (12 am to 6 am DC time).


A hatchling that died on October 18th and was revived on the 31st, with 2 days added

If a hatchling died because it wasn't given enough views, upon a successful revival, two days are added to its timer.

A dragon that has already died once and been successfully revived cannot be revived again.

In October 2015, the descriptions for the results were changed. Before then they were "You attempt to revive the dragon using magic, but instead its body disintegrates." for a failed attempt and "You attempt to revive the dragon using magic, but something goes wrong and instead it becomes a zombie." for a successful attempt.

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