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Seasonal Dragon

Season Summer Adult Female
Female Summer adult
Release date ◾ September 15, 2008 - Summer

◾ November 28, 2008 - Autumn
◾ December 20, 2008 - Winter
◾ April 10, 2009 - Spring

Rarity Uncommon
Color Spring: Green, pink

Summer: Green, yellow
Autumn: Brown, yellow, green
Winter: Light and dark blue

Habitat Spring: Forest

Summer: Forest
Autumn: Forest
Winter: Alpine

Seasonal Dragons, unlike most dragons, have more than one incarnation or form. With the seasonal dragon it has different colouring and features depending on the season during which its egg was laid. There are a total of four different adults/hatchlings available: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The first seasonal dragons were revealed as Summer dragons on the 15th of September 2008. This was followed by the release of Autumn dragons on the 29th of November 2008, and Winter dragons then popped up in the 21st of December 2008. Finally, Spring dragons made their debut on the 10th of April 2009. The Seasonal breed has no breed specific action and was originally a common dragon, but their recent numbers have dwindled slightly. 

Offspring of seasonals are determined by the season they are laid in, not by the season that their seasonal parent(s) represents. Organized lineages by season are often popular.

The Winter eggs appear in Alpine; the other seasons' eggs are only found in the Forest biome.

"Q: When do the seasonal eggs switch to the next season?
The seasonal dragon eggs always switch on the solstices and equinoxes of a given season. Since this varies from year to year, it is recommended that you look up a calendar to figure out when a specific season begins in the northern hemisphere." -TJ09, from the Frequently Asked Questions thread on the Dragon Cave Forums (updated answer as of Spring 2013).

Official Dragon Description


"The markings on this egg match the weather outside."


"Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It perfectly depicts summer/autumn/winter/spring weather."

Mature Hatchling

"Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It perfectly depicts summer/autumn/winter/spring weather. And look! It's grown its wings! It must be close to maturing."


"Seasonal dragons take on the characteristics of the season they are born in. Thus, eggs that are laid in spring match the pink flowers and green buds of spring, and those that are laid in the summer grow to depict the bright green of the forest trees and the yellow of the sun. Eggs laid in autumn display the bright colors of leaves falling from trees, and those that are laid during winter take on the appearance of the icy snow."

Sprite Artist(s)


Series Egg Hatchling Female Hatchling Male Hatchling Adult Female Adult Male
Spring Springegg Season Spring S1 Season Spring S2 Fem Season Spring S2 Male Season Spring Adult Female Season Spring Adult Male
Summer Jajco Season Summer S1 Season Summer S2 Fem Season Summer S2 Male Season Summer Adult Female Season Summer Adult Male
Autumn Season Fall Egg Season Fall S1 Season Fall Mature Female Season Fall S2 Male Season Fall Adult Female Season Fall Adult Male
Winter Dragoncave winternew Season Winter S1 Season Winter S2 Fem Season Winter S2 Male Season Winter Adult Female Season Winter Adult Male
2011 Temporary Holiday Sprites
Christmas'11 Spring - Autumn hatchi glitched Christmas 2011 Spring female hatchi Christmas 2011 Spring male hatchi Christmas 2011 Spring female Christmas 2011 Spring male Christmas 2011
Christmas'11 Summer - Summer hatchi Christmas 2011 Summer female hatchi Christmas 2011 Summer male hatchi Christmas 2011 - Summer male Christmas 2011
Christmas'11 Autumn - Spring hatchi glitched Christmas 2011 Autumn female hatchi Christmas 2011 Autumn male hatchi Christmas 2011 Autumn female Christmas 2011 Autumn male Christmas 2011
Christmas'11 Winter - Winter hatchi Christmas 2011 Winter female hatchi Christmas 2011 Winter male hatchi Christmas 2011 Winter female Christmas 2011 Winter male Christmas 2011
2012 Temporary Holiday Sprites
Halloween'12 Spring - - - - - -
Halloween'12 Summer - - - - Summer female Halloween 2012 Summer male Halloween 2012
Halloween'12 Autumn - - - - - -
Halloween'12 Winter - - - - Winter female Halloween 2012 Winter male Halloween 2012
Old Egg Sprites
Old Egg Sequences
Spring Spring egg
Summer Summer Old Summer Egg Crack 1 Old Summer Egg Crack 2 Old Summer Egg Crack 3 Old Summer Egg Crack 4 Old Summer Egg Crack 5
Autumn -
Winter Old Winter egg Old Winter crack 1 Old Winter crack 2 Old Winter crack 3 Old Winter crack 5

Egg Sequence

Season Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Spring Springegg Spring egg 1st stage Spring egg 2nd stage Spring egg 3rd stage Spring egg 4th stage Spring egg 5th stage Spring egg dead stage
Summer Jajco Summer egg 1st stage Summer egg 2nd stage Summer egg 3rd stage Summer egg 4th stage Summer egg 5th stage Summer egg dead stage
Autumn Season Fall Egg Autumn egg 1st stage Autumn egg 2nd stage Autumn egg 3rd stage Autumn egg 4th stage Autumn egg 5th stage Autumn egg dead stage
Winter Dragoncave winternew UVDDJ L1pNb Gyj 576 RAMJm HEGN

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