Will dragons hatch absolutely on day 3?Edit

I've been wondering, can a dragon egg hatch completely by day 3 or will it just start to crack? -ZangiefB 21:08, August 22, 2013 (UTC)

Dragon sickness Edit

In the article it says that dragons will get sick if they hit a 15:1 ratio. In my experience this is not the case, even when they are at 7 days. It seems as though the cause of sickness is linked to a ratio between views and age - the younger they are, the less views required to make them sick.

You're half right- both of those factors combine to determine whether an egg/hatchling becomes sick or not. Time does certainly play a very big role, and it's why many wait a day or two before putting their creatures into Click Sites to ensure they don't get sick. This isn't a guarantee though, and enough views at even 4 or 5 days can still make a creature sick and die.
Edit: I've updated the page regardless as there were a few things out of date. Thanks for bringing this to attention!
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