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The Lost in Trade (LiT) thread is a place where people post eggs that were 'sniped' while being traded, in hopes of getting it back from someone on the forums. It will either be posted in by either the reciever or giver of the egg. Found rare eggs will also be posted there occasionally, in hopes of giving it back to its owner. For confirmation, the user will often ask for certain information (such as the dragon's code or lineage) to make sure its actually belongs to the person who claims it. Sometimes reward eggs are offered.

LiT works very closely with the Replacement Project, which attempts to give people replacement eggs for ones lost through trades.

Lost in Trade Posts will follow a specific format:

TYPE: Egg/Hatchling
BREED: Breed type
CODE: (code of egg – MUST BE ALTERED)
TIME: (when lost)
SENDER: (who sent the egg)
RECIEVER: (if you want to say who the egg was for)
PLEASE PM: (whoever you would like contacted in this matter)
OFFER FOR RETURN: (This is completely optional. However, if you are offering something for the return of the egg/hatchling, place that info here)

Or, if it is somebody posting a found egg:

CODE: (code of egg – MUST BE ALTERED)
TIME: (when found)
State the information that you would like PMed to you as proof.

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