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Trophies were added to the site on May 2, 2010, as a fix for the Festival of Eggs basket. Also added were badges for gaining more than 50, 200, and 500 dragons (trophies only count Leetle Trees, adult and frozen dragons). If a user were to release enough dragons to not meet the requirement for a Dragon number badge then it would revert to the respective tier. There were rumors of a platinum trophy that was in place for users with over 1000 dragons; this trophy does not exist, and was most likely the result of a misidentification of the silver trophy.

Event Badge Artist(s)
Festival of eggs - 2010-2013

Festival of eggs badgeFestival of eggs badge 3Festival of eggs badge 2 Umbreonage
Bronze; 51-200 dragons
(Allows players to own 5 eggs out of a total of 15 growing creatures)

50 dragons badge Nepherim & TJ09
Silver; 201-500 dragons
(Allows players to own 6 eggs out of a total of 18 growing creatures)

200 dragons badge Nepherim & TJ09
Gold; 501+ dragons
(Allows players to own 7 eggs out of a total of 21 growing creatures)

500 dragons badge Nepherim & TJ09
Beat the heat - 2010

Beat the heat summer release badge JaziandCo

Magikarp badge -
Trick or Treat - 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014

Trick or Treating badgePumpkin bucket 2Pumpkin bucket 3 Bernouli
Tree Decorating - 2010

Christmas tree badge stage 1 Silvanon
April Fools Day - 2011

Carrot badge Angziety
The Haunted House - 2011

Halloween 2011 badge Sif
Wreath Decorating - 2011

Wreath Decorating badge stage 1 Skinst
Send a Valentine - 2012

Valentine Badge 2012 Skinst
Haunting in Aliset - 2012

Halloween 2012 badge Dolphinsong, Infinis, Mysfytt
Holiday Cooking - 2012

Holiday Cooking 2012 cream pie badge Holiday Cooking 2012 pumpkin pie badge Kiffren
Gingerbread House Decorating - 2012

Gingerbread house badge JOTB
Send a Flower - 2013

Valentine badge 2013 Sif
Halloween Carnival - 2013

2013 Halloween Tikigurl91
Snow Wars - 2013

MedalBronze 0-14MedalSilver 15-24MedalGold 25 Marrionetta
Gardening - 2014

Valentine Badge 2014 Verridith
Halloween Carnival - 2014

Halloween 2014 JOTB
Snow Warning - 2014

Winter 2014 badge TheCompleteAnimorph
Dragon Matchmaking - 2015

Val15 trophy Sif
Brewing Mischief - 2015

Halloween 2015 trophy Shajana
Valkemarian Tales - Jolly Follies - 2015

Christmas 2015 badgeChristmas 2015 badge2Christmas 2015 badge3 Marrionetta, Birdzgoboom, PieMaster
Giant Wings and Shiny Things - 2016

Val16 trophy Shajana, Thuban
Contagion - 2016

Halloween 2016 trophy cure Halloween 2016 trophy spread Munin
Valkemarian Tales - Festive Expeditions - 2016

Christmas 2016 trophy Process

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