Hey! Again, another blog post, this one is dedicated to my vampires, as you can see from the title :P

My very first vampire

I got my very first vampire from a trade, I offered an egg (can't remember which egg) and my offer got accepted! I didn't just get the vampire though, I also got a black , and a magma (all of them were ungendered hatchlings then) I fed her plenty of views, ect thanks to a great site called Eggs Around The World. She gendered female, then grew up (I put her at the top of my scroll). I picked up a common egg off the AP because I wanted to bite an egg as soon as possible, and I was so excited when I clicked OK after I had typed my password. However, the bite failed, and that stupid dead egg blocked up an egg slot for 24 hours :P (if you want to see the dead egg to see its breed, it is at the bottom of my scroll, but if you want to see it you must look before the two weeks are up). Guess I'll have to wait a month before I can sink my teeth into another egg...

My other vampires

I got a second vampire, it was a trade offer that I accepted, but this time it came as an egg. I influenced him with one of my male pinks to make it a male, since I already had a female. He gendered male, and grew up (I put him under my female). I did not bite an egg straight away this time, because I feared that the bite might fail, and I would have a SECOND dead egg on my scroll for two weeks, and taking up an egg slot for 24 hours (I didn't want to go through all that again). A few days after he grew up, I plucked up the courage to bite an egg, another common I picked up from the AP. I held my breath and clicked... Joy!! The bite was sucessful! it hadn't auto-abandoned or killed the egg!! (the egg was an albino dragon egg, for those who wanted to know). So now I am going to get a THIRD vampire, either a male or female, I won't freeze it, as I won't freeze any vampires until I have at least 12 adults so that I can keep on biting.

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