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Everything You *Didn't* Want To Know about my DC ;)

Although this is at risk of turning ito my diary....I'm gonna type here until I find another site to share my awesome views :P

Well, I completed my cheese collection, got a Space Chicken, became a mod on the BSA Gifters (please go to it...we need business :D ), and other boring stuff which even I think is too boring to talk about


Recently I noticed that somebody I quite liked was having trouble with mass IOU's, so I decided to try and pick up a CB misfit to help them. I picked it up...was about to throw it back...when...wait...Thuwed? Checked the lineage, 3rg gen.. must be a fake. Checked the breeding page... OH MY FIPPY GIBBITING WORLD ITS REAL!!. See, I have problems with the Thuwed waiting list, as I always get egglocked. Always. Its my weakness for tinsel fails and nebs. But I get locked. So I will never get one of the eggs. Ever. I have little to any patience. Hehe its so awesome :) I feel like karma for trying to help someone payed me go and do nice stuff for people :)

ARK Nomination

I got ARK nominated...thanks to whoever nominted made me smile before exams began -_-. Pretty awesome can see my amazing 5 page long acceptance speech... :P

So...thats pretty much all in my dc life atm.. Zombies Projects going fine, signed up of the Science of Neglected Dragons....pretty unorgaized post but I'm chou!

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