Christmas wreath with some ornaments on day 1. The wreath was made by LadyLyzar

"Wreath Decorating" was Dragon Cave's new Christmas event in 2011. As of December 14, 2011, visitors to the cave could see a small Christmas wreath badge at the top of their scroll which led to the Holiday Tales applet through which the wreath decorating could be accessed. Users clicked the ornaments listed beneath the wreath and the chosen item would appear next to the wreath, ready for placement. An ornament could be used multiple times by clicking on its image below the wreath. Just being on-site wasn't enough to collect the day's ornaments; users had to visit the Holiday Tales page and read the newly added Christmas tale.

The amount of decoration on the wreath badge increased at certain milestones.

On December 25, TJ09 announced that users who had missed any day's decorations could go back and read the story to get the decorations for 24 hours during Christmas only.

This Christmas event was organized by Skinst and Marrionetta.

Wreath-Tales acess

Wreath badgy on a users scroll (click to enlarge)


Wreath BadgeEdit

These are the different stages of the Christmas wreath badge. The badges were sprited by Skinst the silver recolour was made by Earthgirl.

19-49 50-90 91-138 139-194 195
Wreath Decorating badge stage 1

Wreath Decorating badge stage 2 Wreath Decorating badge stage 3 Wreath Decorating badge stage 4 Wreath Decorating badge stage 5
Wreath badge Marrionetta stage 1

Wreath badge Marrionetta stage 2 Wreath badge Marrionetta stage 3 Wreath badge Marrionetta stage 4 N/A
Wreath badge skinst stage 1

Wreath badge skinst stage 2 Wreath badge skinst stage 3 Wreath badge skinst stage 4 Wreath badge skinst stage 5
(Recoloured by Earthgirl)
Wreath badge earthgirl stage 1

Wreath badge earthgirl stage 2 Wreath badge earthgirl stage 3 Wreath badge earthgirl stage 4 Wreath badge earthgirl stage 5


A new set of ornaments could be obtained every day by reading the newly added Holiday Tale.

Ornaments artist-credits

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